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21 August 2017
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economy  17.08.2017 17:29
BRICS: stronger partnership for a brighter future
I never had the slightest idea that a few years after I created the acronym, BRIC, to depict the fast rising economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, that their political leaders would create a political club between them, adding South Africa to be the BRICS. Here we are nearly 16 years later after I first coined the phrase, BRICs (small s for the plural) and 9 after the start of the BRICS club. What do I think about both?
society  14.08.2017 16:25
Dear subscribers,
Due to a short vacation of the editor of the English newswire, our subscription will be suspended until 28 August, 2017.
economy  14.08.2017 15:39
Number of Chinese mobile Internet users hits 724 million
The number of mobile Internet users in China has reached 724 million, says the 40th China Statistical Report on Internet Development issued by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on August 4.
society  14.08.2017 14:38
Late-night snack economy in China, a symbol of urban vitality
Thanks to the continuous blistering heatwave across many parts of China, the number of online and offline orders for late-night snacks in China's major cities has more than doubled, reported 21st Century Education Research Institute.
economy  14.08.2017 13:41
Resilient Chinese economy appeals to foreign investors
Foreign investors are becoming more optimistic about the increasingly open Chinese market after acknowledging the stability and resilience of the country's economy.
society  14.08.2017 12:33
Five reasons why foreigners choose to stay in China
More and more foreigners find China a charming country full of opportunities. Lots of travelers and international students, who are enchanted by its beautiful scenery, luring delicacies, safe environment, convenient transportation, prosperous economy, and friendly people, would rather stay and work in China than return home.
economy  14.08.2017 11:25
China emerging as a paradise for global innovators
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, himself a supporter of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, said China has to send strong signal that China is a good place for potential overseas innovators to start a business.
economy  14.08.2017 10:44
China injects confidence into world economy: commentary By Chen Ling
In a world beset by an economic downturn, China has remained an anchor of stability that continues to inject confidence into the global economy.
economy  14.08.2017 09:45
China's economy shows strong resilience
China's better-than-expected economic performance in the first half of this year was applauded by overseas organizations who believe that China will continue to be a stabilizer of the global economy. Analysts pointed out that China's satisfactory answer sheet on the economy is closely related to its strong resilience.
economy  10.08.2017 22:27
13 new industrial enterprises will be launched in Almaty
According to the Director General of Industrial Zone of Almaty, LLP (IZ) Adil Burlibayev, during the investment forum in Alatau district, it is expected to launch new projects until 2019, among which there are an ice cream factory, a meat processing plant, a paper package plant, oil industry pipes manufacturing plant and others, Almaty Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development informs.
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