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13 December 2017
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international affairs  16.11.2017 19:21
Destinies of China and its neighbors interconnected
Chinese President Xi Jinping has again demonstrated the major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in his recent state visits to Vietnam and Laos.
international affairs  16.11.2017 13:42
Xi's visits boost confidence in socialist path
After attending the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Da Nang, Vietnam, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid state visits to Vietnam and Laos.
international affairs  16.11.2017 10:03
Economic ties to become focus of China's neighborhood diplomacy in new era
With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) having concluded, Chinese leaders kicked off visits to Southeast Asia, an important move in China's neighborhood diplomacy as socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.
international affairs  10.11.2017 21:41
The 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in Danang: Together Towards Prosperity and Harmonious Development
We greatly value the APEC forum for the ample opportunities it affords all participants to engage in discussions and coordinate positions on a variety of economic, social, environmental, and cultural issues. Our countries strive to cooperate based on the principles of consensus and voluntary participation, mutual respect and willingness to compromise, regardless of the political situation. This is what APEC's unique spirit of partnership is all about.
international affairs  10.11.2017 15:12
Op-ed: China-US ties should be propelled with far-sighted horizon
US President Donald Trump began his state visit to China on Wednesday, with the world expecting it to bring positive signals for the development of bilateral relations and hopes that China-US cooperation will contribute to world stability and prosperity.
international affairs  10.11.2017 10:24
Commentary: China's giant pandas bring more than joy to world
Giant pandas are both China's national treasures and symbols of wildlife conservation. As a precious wealth given by nature to man, they have been living on earth for over 8 million years, despite the extinction of many other species during the period.
society  28.10.2017 22:43
Posting news in English temporary suspended
international affairs  27.10.2017 18:24
Seeing a better China through "Delegates passage"
Ling said, "If we look back on the history of China, there has never been a time that such amount of effort was made to fight against corruption like we've been doing in recent years. There has never been a CPC-led people's war against corruption like we are having now."
international affairs  27.10.2017 13:08
Maternity, infant mortality rates in Tibet drop further
The maternity and infant death rates in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have further dropped in recent years thanks to improved health care conditions, favorable policies introduced by the central government and rising health awareness in Tibet, a delegate from the plateau region said on the sidelines of the ongoing 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
international affairs  27.10.2017 10:29
China approves new Ebola vaccine
Compared with liquid vaccines produced by other counterparts, China’s vaccine is in the form of freeze-dried powder, which is more suitable for high-temperature areas in Africa because of better stability.
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