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19 April 2018
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society  19.04.2018 21:26
We should not be complacent - the Anti-Corruption Agency on improvement of corruption perception index
As is known, according to the rating agency Transparency international, Kazakhstan scored 31 points and ranked 122nd in the Corruption Perception Index, improving its indicators.
incidents  19.04.2018 21:21
Website of Kazakhstan's Supreme Judicial Council hacked
Over the past day, 300 Kazakhstan websites have been hacked.
economy  19.04.2018 21:17
Support program for problem banks will be completed this year - Nazarbayev
The President says that the shareholders, who worked ineffectively, led the banks to the situation and increased debt and cannot ensure the fulfillment of their obligations before depositors.
society  19.04.2018 21:10
KazakhFilm to feature its shorts at Cannes
Short films by the Shaken Aimanov KazakhFilm Studio will be screened in the Short Film Corner program of the 71st edition of the International Cannes Film Festival set to take place on May 8-19.
international affairs  19.04.2018 21:05
UAE Ambassador visits Kazakh archives
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed bin Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Ambassador to Kazakhstan, visited the National Archives of Kazakhstan for a briefing on the collecting and preserving of important old documents related to the country's history.
economy  19.04.2018 20:58
KazTransGas and EBRD to develop gas industry in Kazakhstan
Chairman of the Board of Directors of "KazTransGas" JSC Kairat Sharipbayev and President of the European Bank for reconstruction development Suma Chakrabarti signed a Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in gas sector reforms and development of the gas industry.
sports  19.04.2018 20:52
Kazakhstan took part in Islamic conf of sport ministers in Baku
A Kazakh delegation took part in the IV sitting of the Islamic conference of youth and sport ministers in Baku.
international affairs  18.04.2018 20:09
A stable, prosperous and fast growing China serves the common interests of the world
In 1978, the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) convened its 3rd Plenary Session, launching a new journey of China's reform and opening up to outside world.
society  18.04.2018 19:59
Make Hainan a new model for deepening reform and opening-up
Chinese President Xi Jinping underscored advancing reform and opening-up in the southernmost province of Hainan when deploying an important national strategy for the island’s development.
society  18.04.2018 19:48
Kazakhstan's Supreme Mufti spoke about artificial insemination
The Muslims of the country were interested in whether it was permitted to choose the gender of the child according to the Sharia, resorting to IVF, and whether it is possible to bury the newborn child.
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Эксперты считают, что механизм саморазрушения закладывают еще на заводе-изготовителе, а обратный отсчет начинается с первого включения. В секретных цехах инженеры доводят эту технологию до совершенства, поскольку надежность и долговечность вредят бизнесу.
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