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21 February 2018
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Latest news
society  20.02.2018 21:40
More than fifty foreigners studied skills of public administration in Kazakhstan
For the current academic year, 9 civil servants from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia were enrolled
sports  20.02.2018 21:37
Almaty gymnast won two gold and silver medals in the tournament in Estonia
The competition was held in Estonian Tartu, where up to thousands of gymnasts from 27 countries gathered
politics  20.02.2018 21:34
Kazakh President approved a strategic development plan of the republic till 2025
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree "On approval of the strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2025 and recognition of certain orders of the President of Kazakhstan that are no longer in force"
economy  20.02.2018 21:30
Kazakhstan provided humanitarian aid to Tajikistan for $3.9mln
Kazakh ambassador to Tajikistan Nurlan Seitimov partook in an official ceremony of providing of humanitarian aid to the Tajik side
society  20.02.2018 21:25
Aliya Nazarbayeva: "Tomiris" will show the Great Steppe spirit
The historical drama "Tomiris" which is being shot by Kazakhfilm Studio jointly with Satayfilm movie company has been presented to the expert committee
society  20.02.2018 21:20
MFA updates list of countries Kazakh people can travel to visa free
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has updated the list of the countries with which Kazakhstan enjoys visa-free travel
society  20.02.2018 21:15
Ashimbayev: Kazakh language becomes more practical, functional
First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan Party Maulen Ashimbayev shared his thoughts on the amendments to the President's Decree "On the switchover of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin-based script"
sports  20.02.2018 21:06
Will Denis Ten end his career after PyeongChang 2018 failure?
Kazakhstan's figure skater Denis Ten returned home among other athletes who had already completed participation in the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in South Korean PyeongChang on Monday
society  19.02.2018 23:43
Number of HIV-infected in Kazakhstan increases annually by 10%
According to information of the Ministry of Healthcare, over 2017 about 3 million HIV tests were held.
incidents  19.02.2018 23:36
Indonesia volcano erupts, producing columns of ash
Mount Sinabung volcano in Sumatra Island of Indonesia erupted on Monday, spewing columns of ash as high as about five km and sliding hot ash down its slope.
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В России намереваются законодательно запретить производителям намеренно сокращать срок службы техники
Эксперты считают, что механизм саморазрушения закладывают еще на заводе-изготовителе, а обратный отсчет начинается с первого включения. В секретных цехах инженеры доводят эту технологию до совершенства, поскольку надежность и долговечность вредят бизнесу.
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