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20 June 2018
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society  19.06.2018 20:53
Chinese film company plans to shoot film about Dimash
An initiative to shoot a film about the Kazakh singer is from China.
international affairs  19.06.2018 20:49
In Kazakhstan, trans-border disputes began to deal with by mediators
Over a long time, employees could not sue for wages, because the leadership of a company was abroad.
society  19.06.2018 20:17
Best project of bus stop to be selected in Kazakhstan
The prize fund is 200 thousand tenge.
international affairs  19.06.2018 19:47
Amazon CEO becomes world's richest man
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world with a net wealth of 141.9 billion U.S. dollars.
society  19.06.2018 19:41
President orders to rename South Kazakhstan region into Turkestan region
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has decreed to rename South Kazakhstan region into Turkestan region.
incidents  19.06.2018 19:37
Engine of aircraft with Saudi Arabia's football team on board caught on fire
There are no victims.
politics  19.06.2018 19:32
Nazarbayev and Putin addressed welcome speech to participants of Forum of CIS Intelligentsia
Nazarbayev expressed confidence that the Forum would establish new channels of interaction and cooperation.
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Британии официально припомнили государственные преступления
В Москве 19 апреля 2018 года были официально преданы гласности преступления, совершенные Великобританией в отношении народов и стран, подвергшихся захвату и ставших ее колониями.
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