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21 January 2017
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  20.01.2017 20:30
Halyk Bank confirms negotiations with Kazkom
JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, hereby declares entering into preliminary discussions with JSC Kazkommertsbank and KKB's majority shareholder on a potential deal", Halyk Bank press service reported.
  11.01.2017 23:00
The new railway station in Astana to be commissioned in May 2017
A retreat meeting on the construction of a new railway station in Astana and development of Astana railway junction station was held under the chairmanship of the First Deputy of the Prime Minister Askar Mamin today.
  30.07.2013 17:14
Airport management department set up in Kazakhstan
The purpose of this structure is the consolidation of management of these enterprises, development of a management strategy based on international standards, which will result in increased efficiency and quality of airport servicesю
  30.07.2013 15:28
Kazakhstan plans to recover small aviation services
Local executive bodies have submitted proposals for the recovery of 16 local airports. We want to renew ties: district - region, region - country. Today, funds for the planned renovation and construction are envisaged by the state program.
  25.07.2013 12:47
Kazakhstan's manufacturing sector up by 14% in H1 2013
Machine-building sector grew by 14.2%, production of other non-metallic mineral products - by 10,4%, production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals - by 6,3%, production of basic pharmaceutical products by 1.3%.
  24.07.2013 16:27
Akhmetov draws attention to problems in tax and customs spheres
In addition, the head of the Cabinet considers it necessary to continue the development of national information systems aimed at automating key processes of customs regulation, declaration and clearance.
  24.07.2013 10:27
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Kazakh Government planning the placement of Eurobonds in September
"Preparations are under way to place Eurobonds. Tentatively it will happen in September," Finance Minister, Bolat Jamishev said.
  23.07.2013 16:08
Financial Police conducts checking in BTA Bank
Financial policemen demanded reports on costs on the business center of Samal Towers. In 2010 by the decision of Almaty city court the complex was transferred to the ownership of BTA. As it turned out, during the year, when there was a lawsuit, the bank illegally rent out office space.
  23.07.2013 15:12
Kazakhstan's GDP growth to reach 6% this year
The country's steel production reduced by 15.6%. Thus, the negative contribution to GDP was 0.2 percentage points. The main reason for the decline in output in addition to reducing demand was the unstable operation of blast furnaces and high equipment failure rates at JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau".
  23.07.2013 12:11
Kazakhstan National Fund assets grew by 9.8% to USD 63.5 bn
"Total funds of the National Fund, including the portfolio of bonds of JSC "National Welfare Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" and JSC "National Holding "KazAgro", amounted to more than 75.6 billion U.S. dollars and increased by 9.3%," the Prime Minister's official website quotes Dossayev.
  22.07.2013 16:42
Food Contract Corporation sells grain in the order-driven anonymous auction regime
All participants of the auction are anonymous at that - until the actual concluding of the deal no one can know its counteragent.
  22.07.2013 12:16
Latest agricultural technologies to be shown within Kazakhstan's Field Day
It is planned to demonstrate the technology of precision seeding at high speed. The uniqueness of the technology is that the high speed seed planting is combined with extreme precision.
  18.07.2013 17:04
SPECA Economic Forum to be held in Kazakhstan in November 2013
In November 2013 Kazakhstan will host the Economic Forum of the United Nations Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia (SPECA) and the meeting of the SPECA Governing Council under the chairmanship of Kazakhstan and the Interstate Commission on Sustainable Development.
  17.07.2013 15:37
PM urges to ensure stable operation of ArcelorMittalTemirtau
In early August, the repair will be completed, and the fifth and seventh coke batteries will work normally.
  17.07.2013 13:33
Serik Akhmetov urges to draw up development plans for each special economic zone
Speaking at the meeting Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies Albert Rau reported that over the past four years Kazakhstan attracted about 170 billion U.S. dollars in investments, according to the Prime Minister's official website. The package of investment preferences was expanded in order to improve the investment climate. Investment legislation is being improved. A platform for dialogue with investors has been formed.
  17.07.2013 11:29
Owners of expensive SUVs in Kazakhstan to pay a hundred thousand a year
Kazakhstan's car owners are waiting for new spending - from next year, the government is going to increase the tax on transport. However, the tax will increase only for the powerful (eg, SUVs) and heavy vehicles/
  09.07.2013 14:15
GDP growth hit 5.1% in H1 2013
Gross domestic product amounted to 105.1%, the physical index of industrial production amounted to 101.8%.
  04.07.2013 15:09
Carbon prices will be formed in market conditions
"An important factor is pricing. Exchange trade will be carried out by means of optional sales through auctions on a commodity exchange. Thus, the companies will be able to determine the optimal price for emission permits".
  03.07.2013 10:15
Kazakh Government intends to use the pre-emptive right to acquire shares of ConocoPhillips in Kashagan
The Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan has sent to ConocoPhillips a notice of intention to exercise the right of priority provided for by the law of Kazakhstan "On Subsoil and Subsoil Use" and to acquire the stake of ConocoPhillipsin the Production Sharing Agreement for the North Caspian Sea at a rate of 8.4%/
  03.07.2013 09:53
Poverty line in the III quarter is defined at 40% of subsistence minimum
To define the poverty line in the III quarter of 2013 in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the amount of 40% of the minimum subsistence level, calculated over the past quarter of the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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