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21 November 2018
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  15.11.2018 20:28
National Bank: Through banking sector stabilization to steady economic growth
The National Bank of Kazakhstan is implementing a "Programme of enhancing financial sustainability of banks", which has already allowed it to minimize systemic risks and find a solution for the sector's long-standing challenges.
  15.11.2018 20:03
Kazakh citizens spend 15.6 thousand tenge on insurance within a year
It is 0.5% of GDP per capita (2.9 million tenge).
  13.11.2018 21:14
Kazakhstan observes record low level of inflation
A positive trend in the country's economy has been observed following 10 months of this year.
  08.11.2018 18:40
Money transfers within Kazakhstan beat the record
Since the beginning year, Kazakh citizens have transferred 57 billion tenge.
  07.11.2018 21:16
Oil steadies at $72-$73 band as Iran sanctions kick in
Brent oil prices almost remained unchanged and continue to trade in a range between $72 and $73 per barrel following the U.S.' re-imposition of sanctions on Iran's oil sector on Monday.
  06.11.2018 20:43
Volume of direct foreign investment in Kazakhstan has exceeded KZT12bn in six months
A 15% increase compared to the previous year, and by 63% higher than in the given period in 2015.
  05.11.2018 19:04
Astana observes increase in number of entrepreneurs
Over 107 thousand small- and medium-sized enterprises operate in the capital city of Kazakhstan.
  05.11.2018 18:54
20 Kazakhstan's banks have increased their equity capital over the year
The overall equity capital of the second-tier banks has seen an increase of 1.3% over the year.
  31.10.2018 18:48
Dollar loses popularity among Kazakh citizens
The statistics indicate that over the current year 999.9 billion tenges have been sold in exchange offices of Kazakhstan.
  31.10.2018 18:45
National Bank of Kazakhstan told about inflation in 2019
The National Bank's goal for 2019 will be keeping inflation in the corridor between 4 to 6 per cent, Akishev said.
  30.10.2018 20:52
Almaty hosts Kazakh-Malaysian Business Forum
Six memorandums and agreements between governmental organizations and private companies have been concluded during the Forum.
  29.10.2018 20:00
By autumn, Kazakhstani citizens have withdrawn up to 8 trillion tenges from payment cards
Of which the number of international systems accounts for 99.9% of the total number, with a 26.4% increase over the year.
  25.10.2018 20:50
Samruk-Kazyna netted KZT825.3bn in Jan-Sep 2018
Following the first 9 months of 2018, Samruk-Kazyna Group of Companies has beaten the planned financial indicators.
  25.10.2018 20:36
US investment in Kazakhstan has reached over 40 billion dollars
The amount was invested by American investors in the twenty-six years of independence of Kazakhstan.
  23.10.2018 21:06
Investment for 32 billion tenges to be attracted to W Kazakhstan
It is known that the regional Governor's Office will support investors in the implementation of projects.
  23.10.2018 20:29
Eurasian Economic Union has risen by 5 positions in Doing Business 2018
As of today, the EEU ranks 35 among 190 states.
  17.10.2018 20:18
Oil prices keep going up
The crude oil prices went up during Tuesday's trading sessions on the exchanges of London and New York.
  17.10.2018 19:53
Russia, South Korea and Kyrgyzstan lead in money transfers to Kazakhstani citizens
The amount of money transfers received by individuals from abroad for January-August has made up 220.5 billion tenges.
  16.10.2018 20:01
Almost 40% of small-sized active companies in Kazakhstan concentrated in Astana and Almaty
The number of small-sized legal entities registered within the country for the end of September has reached 425 thousand, of which 154 thousand are active.
  16.10.2018 19:57
Kazakh Energy Minister talks about volumes of gas produced in Kazakhstan this year
According to the data of the Ministry, the indicators of the country's fuel and energy area demonstrate the positive growth trend.
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