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24 June 2018
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  22.06.2018 19:43
Kazakhstan's salt exports up 27%
The volume of Kazakhstan's salt exports for the past January-March grew by 27% as compared to the analogous period of the previous year.
  21.06.2018 21:42
Opinion: Kazakhstan citizens prefer taking loans in large banks
8 main second-tier banks of Kazakhstan offer loans without commission, deposits and other limitations.
  21.06.2018 21:39
Kazakhstan budget fulfilled due to taxes - Kazakh Finance Minister
In 2017, the income of the government budget was more than 7 trillion tenge.
  20.06.2018 21:16
Dollar continues to go up in Kazakhstan
From the beginning of the present week, the dollars to the tenge goes up in rice by 1-2 tenge a day.
  18.06.2018 23:09
Economy Minister commented prices in currencies on online shops
The minister noted that the law bans to sell commodities and services on the territory of Kazakhstan in foreign currency.
  15.06.2018 16:41
Kazakhstan's Minister of Finance told state's expenses on social obligations
According to the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan, the total expenses of the republican budget for 2017 were 11 trillion 156 billion tenge.
  14.06.2018 16:24
Kazakhstan's external debt reached $168 bln
Over the last three year the Kazakhstans external debt has increased by 10 billion dollars or 6 percent.
  14.06.2018 15:46
Amount of investment in PPP projects is KZT787bn - Vice Minister of National Economy
The First Vice Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan told about the condition of the PPP projects implemented so far.
  13.06.2018 14:51
Kazakhstan surveys twofold increase in automobiles' demand
There is a boost in light motor vehicles production in the country. The number of a produced automobiles increased by 92 percent.
  12.06.2018 21:44
Kazakhstan's GDP increased almost by 4% from the year's beginning
Inflation for the current period is 2.4%.
  08.06.2018 21:37
Results of the first e-bidding on RESs in Kazakhstan revealed
The participants offered applications for the total capacity of 960 MWt.
  08.06.2018 21:17
Almost KZT 160 billion transferred abroad
The greatest volume of money was transferred to Russia.
  07.06.2018 21:25
SCO makes remarkable achievements in economic and trade cooperation
Economic and trade cooperation between Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states has reaped eye-catching fruits since the SCO was established 17 years ago.
  06.06.2018 22:01
Share of services of Kazakhstan's GDP increased - Ministry of National Economy
Over seven years, the growth increased from 52% to 58%.
  06.06.2018 21:37
EBRD to attract up to 23 billion tenge to East Kazakhstan region
The total investment portfolio of East Kazakhstan region in the work with the EBRD is 101 projects for 298 billion tenge.
  05.06.2018 16:35
Market of e-trade has sharply increased in Kazakhstan
From January of the present year 110 new subjects of e-trade have been registered.
  01.06.2018 20:50
Kazakhstan's inflation rate reaches 2.4% YTD
In May 2018, the inflation rate in Kazakhstan reached 0.2% month-on-month and 2.4% year-to-date.
  31.05.2018 21:38
Kazakhstan ranked 38th in IMD World Competitiveness Rankings 2018
63 countries of the world took part in the rankings.
  30.05.2018 18:20
National Bank suspended Eximbanks license for accepting deposits and opening accounts
National Bank suspended Eximbanks license for accepting deposits and opening accounts
  29.05.2018 17:52
Survey: Kazakhstan citizens turned to earn more money
Wages of Kazakhstan citizens have increased by 9% over the year.
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Британии официально припомнили государственные преступления
В Москве 19 апреля 2018 года были официально преданы гласности преступления, совершенные Великобританией в отношении народов и стран, подвергшихся захвату и ставших ее колониями.
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