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20 April 2018
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  19.04.2018 21:17
Support program for problem banks will be completed this year - Nazarbayev
The President says that the shareholders, who worked ineffectively, led the banks to the situation and increased debt and cannot ensure the fulfillment of their obligations before depositors.
  19.04.2018 20:58
KazTransGas and EBRD to develop gas industry in Kazakhstan
Chairman of the Board of Directors of "KazTransGas" JSC Kairat Sharipbayev and President of the European Bank for reconstruction development Suma Chakrabarti signed a Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in gas sector reforms and development of the gas industry.
  18.04.2018 19:43
Projected oil price increased by 10 dollars in the republican budget for 2018
It is increased from 45 to 55 dollars.
  18.04.2018 19:34
Kazakhstan's real GDP growth expected at 3.8%, Minister
"The real growth of Kazakhstan's gross domestic product (GDP) is projected to make 3.8%," National Economy Minister Timur Suleimenov said representing amendments to the 2018 republican budget.
  17.04.2018 20:33
Base rate reduced to 9.25% - the National Bank
The rates for liquidity provision operations are 10.25%, and for liquidity withdrawal operations - 8.25%.
  13.04.2018 22:02
Arab companies willing to invest in Kazakhstan's projects
Kazakh Invest plans to coordinate bilateral interaction of the business communities of the UAE and Kazakhstan on attracting investments, supporting and implementing investment projects.
  13.04.2018 21:58
Tenge continues to strengthen
During the morning session, the dollar rate was 327.62 tenge.
  11.04.2018 23:19
Dollar edges up in Kazakhstan
The tenge against the dollar went down by 5 tenge.
  06.04.2018 23:43
In Kazakhstan, about 300 investment projects to be implemented over 2018
The amount of investments will be 6.5 billion dollars.
  05.04.2018 19:44
In what way taxes of Kazakhstan citizens are used - the research
Almost 60% of budget expenditures are directed to social security - this is social assistance, education and health care.
  02.04.2018 21:07
Kazakhstan introduces new instrument of monetary policy
The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan has announced the introduction of a new instrument of monetary policy on the provision and withdrawal of liquidity in the money market.
  30.03.2018 23:11
Kazakhstan enterprises gained KZT9tln over 2017
The greatest growth of revenue occurred in the 4th quarter.
  29.03.2018 22:25
250,000 tons of Kashagan sulfur exported
1,5 million tons of sulfur has been extracted from the oil produced at Kashagan field, Atyrau region.
  28.03.2018 21:58
Kazakhstan's G-Global and Global Silk Way initiatives presented in Beijing
Today, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in China held a presentation of G-Global and the forthcoming Global Silk Way forum which will be held in Astana on July 3-4.
  28.03.2018 21:35
70% of commercial trucks in Kazakhstan meet Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards
The share of the commercial trucks that meet Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards in Kazakhstan has reached 70%, according to the country's Transport Workers Union KAZLOGISTICS.
  23.03.2018 22:00
Oil prices go down
Crude oil prices eased during Thursday's trading session on the commodity exchanges of London and New York.
  22.03.2018 22:43
Belarus, RailLeasing to negotiate financial leasing in Kazakhstan
Belarus will hold negotiations with the Kazakhstan-based RailLeasong company on leasing Belarusian goods, reads the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 204 dated 20 March 2018.
  05.03.2018 22:44
Kazakhstan citizens spent KZT220bn in a year on advertising and marketing services
In January-December of 2017, services in the advertising and market research reached 220.2 billion tenge - by 21.2% more than a year earlier
  01.03.2018 21:57
Astana entered the top-3 most popular CIS states among tourists during holidays
The Russian house booking service Tvil.ru defined the most popular CIS cities to visit during holidays in March. The rating was compiled based on the data of requests and booking of hotels and houses
  28.02.2018 20:58
Kazakhstan National Bank to continue investing pension assets in securities of developing countries
Based on the analysis of macroeconomic indicators, more attractive countries in terms of investment, the countries that are in the global indices of bonds of developing countries will be selected.
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Эксперты считают, что механизм саморазрушения закладывают еще на заводе-изготовителе, а обратный отсчет начинается с первого включения. В секретных цехах инженеры доводят эту технологию до совершенства, поскольку надежность и долговечность вредят бизнесу.
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