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18 June 2018
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New bus routes are launched in Almaty06.07.2017
Economy  11:27
Almaty. 6 July. Kazakhstan Today - New bus routes are launched in Almaty to provide transportation for the population living in the territories connected to the city, mainly those related to the mountainous terrain, Kazakhstan Today reports.

To service the routes 45 diesel Euro-4 diesel buses, adjusted for driving on narrow roads were purchased using local budget. New routes are developed on the basis of appeals of residents and district akimats. Until now, these directions were practically not serviced due to the lack of the required vehicles, the press service of Almaty akim informed.

"As of July 10 of this year," Almatytelektrotrans LLP "will provide transport services along the routes: в„–26 (Taujoly microdistrict - polyclinic в„–7 in the Kalkaman microdistrict), в„–40 (Industrial settlement - Makatayeva street), в„–125 (Kokzhyek microdistrict - shopping center "Armada "), since July 17 - on routes No 14 (Karagaili microdistrict - Barys-3 market) and No. 15 (State Farm Alatau -" Altyn Orda "market). 15 LIAZ buses were also handed over to the Almatytelektrotrans LLP municipal enterprise. These 9.5-meter low-floor buses comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard, after passing all the procedures required for processing documents, as of August 1 they will move onto routes No 28 (micro-districts Orbita 2,4 - HEPP (hydro-electric power plant) 2) and No. 68 (Prospect Al Farabi - Remizovka country houses), - as it was elaborated in the press service.

It is also reported that for the purpose of vehicle renovation on city routes the Almaty the Akimat allocated 11.5 billion tenge for the acquisition of 300 new modern buses by the end of the year.

For the sake of reminding earlier the experts noted three messages of the president, which most clearly determine the course of Kazakhstan development. Specifically it is "Kazakhstan on the way of accelerated economic, social and political modernization", "Growth of welfare of Kazakhstan citizens is the main goal of state policy", "Socio-economic modernization is the main vector of Kazakhstan's development". Special attention in the President's messages is paid to the welfare of the citizens of Kazakhstan, which is declared the main goal of state policy. A special role in this is given to private investments and projects aimed at "real results for the population".

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