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20 May 2018
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Project "Open Almaty" will help citizens in different life situations17.05.2017
Economy  15:30
Almaty. 10 May. Kazakhstan Today - Today in Almaty starts up web-site "Open Almaty" in its pilot mode. The Project that gives accompaniment in life situations has been launched by Almaty Development Center, JSC with support of Akim of Almaty city. "Open Almaty" was initiated in the framework of implementation of Smart City concept, media office of Almaty Development Center reported.

The Project is intended to help citizens and guests of Almaty in resolution of life situations not regulated by Laws and Statutory Instruments. It is expected that the Project will enable to change an approach to development of standards and regulations by governmental bodies, make their development in reverse. In other words regulations shall be adjusted to demands of citizens, reported Kazakhstan Today.

Most actual and problematic concerns of citizens will be discovered through analysis of applications submitted for consideration on life situations.

"Open Almaty" is a comprehensive project that is planned to be implemented in two stages: first is launch of web-site devoted to life situations: open-almaty.kz; second is establishment of public reception office of the city Akimat based on open doors principle and accessibility of the Akimat to people. It is supposed that public reception office will combine all under one roof including public reception office of Akimat, investor's service center, tourist capital, Public Private Partnership center, Akimat's common call-center and resource (analytics) center for citizens' resorts.

For convenience of users web-site "Open Almaty" is divided into three categories of users, i.e. citizens, guests and business. The web-site is designed as a common contact-center with the city authorities. Common base of reports as a consequence will improve effectiveness and enhance control over consideration of the citizens' resorts by Almaty administrations.

Web-site "Open Almaty" is a kind of interactive guidebook that is intended to give detailed instructions on different questions: how to call district doctor, how to move your child to another school, how to get employment assistance etc. as well as on those cases that had not been reflected in legal environment. It shall be pointed that today over 100 life situations are inscribed in the test run.

"Today we are launching web-site "Open Almaty" in its pilot mode that has a potential to become the main information resource in resolution of life situations for citizens. We are developing the web-site in such a way that an Almatian even will not have to know what governmental body or municipal agency is rendering the requested service, and where to resort in case of a problem. "Open Almaty" is intended to help find ways and examples how to deal with occurred life situation", Ruslan Asaubaev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Almaty Development Center, JSC explained.

Step-by-step instructions on resolution of life situations are described in a simple way and not overload with terminology. Web-site has foreseen answers to the most frequently asked questions in all directions of service and provided search on them.

Almaty Development Center, JSC invites all citizens and guests of Almaty to participate in development of web-site. Asaubaev emphasized that web-site is yet running in its pilot mode.

"Success of the Project depends not only on technical characteristics, and first of all on own interest of citizens. We understand that not all situations had been reflected in web-site. That is why, if you could not find your situation, please submit an application. We will certainly consider it and give step-by-step instruction. In this way the content of web-site will be adjusted to the users' requests. Thank you for comments and suggestions about development of the service and functions of web-site", he said.

Taking into account that web-site is running in pilot mode he also asked experts and people actively cooperate with the project and in development of regulations and send all comments and suggestions on email address:


Web-site "Open Almaty" is available in pilot mode on address http://open-almaty.kz/, official launching is planned for August this year.

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