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23 January 2019
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  18.01.2019 20:59
Rescue of boy trapped in well in Spain threatened by weekend rain
Rescuers searching for a two-year-old boy who fell into a deep and narrow borehole in southern Spain were on Friday working to finish the construction of a platform from which they would dig a parallel tunnel that would lead to where the child was thought to be, as documented by an EFE photojournalist.
  17.01.2019 20:26
Private helicopter crashes in Almaty
A private helicopter has crashed today in the territory of Alatau health center in Almaty.
  14.01.2019 20:18
No information about Kazakhstanis aboard Boeing 707 crashed near Tehran - MFA
Information about any Kazakhstanis on board the Boeing 707 plane which crashed today near Tehran is not yet available.
  14.01.2019 20:14
Boeing-707 from Kyrgyzstan reportedly crashes near Tehran
The reason for the crash, as well as the number of casualties, has yet to be revealed by local authorities.
  04.01.2019 18:14
Thousands of tourists leave Thailand amid the coming tropical storm Pabuk
The storm heads the southern parts of the country with heavy rains, wind and seven-meter waves. Evacuation is underway since January 2.
  03.01.2019 21:32
Magnitogorsk building collapse rescue operation over
The rescue operation on the site of the residential building collapse in Magnitogorsk has finished, there are no bodies left in the rubble.
  24.12.2018 20:18
Indonesia tsunami death toll reaches 281 with 57 still missing
The death toll from a tsunami that struck coastal areas around Indonesia's Sunda Strait has reached 281 with 57 others still unaccounted for, the country's disaster agency said Monday, as rescuers continue their search for the missing.
  06.12.2018 20:53
6 missing after U.S. Marines jet, air tanker crash off Japan coast
An FA-18 jet and a KC-130 tanker plane of the U.S. Marines collided and crashed off the western Japan cost early Thursday, with six of the seven crew members still missing as rescue and search operations continued.
  29.11.2018 20:09
10 dead, 29 wounded in bomb, gunfire in Afghan capital
At least 10 people died and 29 were wounded in a car bomb followed by gunfire in the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday, in an attack claimed by the Taliban.
  27.11.2018 20:52
6 found murdered at home, another body in river in Japan
Six bodies, including a young girl's, were discovered Monday at a home in the southwestern Japan prefecture of Miyazaki, local police said.
  26.11.2018 21:16
At least 30 killed as boat capsized in Uganda
At least 30 people were killed after a cruise boat capsized due to bad weather in Lake Victoria in Uganda on Saturday evening, police said on Sunday.
  23.11.2018 20:46
At least 31 killed, 39 wounded in bomb attack on market in Pakistan
At least 31 people were killed and 39 wounded on Friday in a bomb attack at a bazaar in the northwestern tribal belt of Pakistan.
  21.11.2018 18:51
Suicide bombing in Afghan hotel kills 43, wounds 83 others
At least 43 people were killed and 83 others injured after a suicide bombing struck a hotel in Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday evening, the Public Health Ministry confirmed.
  19.11.2018 20:43
Death toll from California wildfires rises to 76
Remains of five more victims have been found in Northern California wildfire, which brings the death toll in this disaster to 76 people.
  13.11.2018 21:20
Death toll from northern California wildfire increases to 42
The death toll from the raging Camp Fire in the U.S. state of California has increased to 42, making it the deadliest in the state's history.
  08.11.2018 18:57
13 confirmed dead in U.S. bar shooting
Thirteen people were confirmed dead in a mass shooting Wednesday night in the city of Thousand Oaks in Southern California, including an officer and a gunman, local authorities said.
  05.11.2018 19:10
One killed after mid-air aircraft collision near Ottawa
One person was killed after two planes collided mid-air over the Canadian capital city's west end Sunday morning.
  02.11.2018 19:57
Attack in central Egypt leaves 7 Coptic Christians dead
At least seven Coptic Christians were killed Friday in a shooting attack by unknown assailants in Egypt's central Minya province, local officials have said.
  01.11.2018 17:18
23 stolen luxury vehicles heading to China recovered in Los Angeles
Twenty-three stolen high-end vehicles bound for China were recovered Tuesday at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport complex, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  29.10.2018 20:17
Kazakh President extends condolences over Indonesia plane crash
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has sent a letter of condolences to his Indonesian Counterpart Joko Widodo.
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