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27 June 2017
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  19.06.2017 15:28
8 injured in head-on collision in E Kazakhstan
One of the passengers got stuck in the twisted wreckage of the car. While paramedics treated other passengers and drivers, rescuers managed to get the man out and safe his life.
  16.06.2017 13:40
Air Astana returns to Kazakh capital due to technical problems
"On June 16, a failure of the cabin air conditioning system occurred in Air Astana's Embraer-190 aircraft that was flying from Astana to Bishkek. It took off and was climbing when it happened. The crew decided to return to the departure aerodrome," Murat Zhumanbay, the official representative of the Kazakh Investment & Development Ministry, said.
  12.06.2017 11:57
Special services neutralize criminal gang in Almaty
National Security Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor's Office employees are now maintaining a special operation in Almaty. Searches at one of the country's largest factories are underway.
  08.06.2017 17:37
5 killed in a road accident in Atyrau region
Three Toyota passengers sustained various injuries and were hospitalized. The Toyota driver sustained minor injuries.
  01.06.2017 17:57
Large truck, bus crash in Taraz
According to a source in law enforcement, an accident occurred at the intersection of Sukhe bator and Sherbakov streets this morning. Eyewitnesses claim that the traffic light wasn't working.
  31.05.2017 20:48
Kazakh diplomats work as usual after Kabul blast - MFA
Kazakh diplomats continue working after the powerful explosion in Kabul as earlier, Head of Kazakhstan MFA press-service Anuar Zhainakov said in a Facebook post.
  30.05.2017 23:57
Fmr head of Almaty Auezov district police dept detained
On May 29-30, National Security Committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, conducted a special operation to curb the activity of an organized criminal group engaged in extorting money from entrepreneurs, organizing smuggling channels across the state border with the PRC, and other crimes, Including kidnapping and contract killings.
  23.05.2017 09:59
As per preliminary data, there are no Kazakhstanis among Manchester blast victims - MFA
According to preliminary data, there are no Kazakhstani citizens among those killed and injured in Manchester stadium explosion on May 22, Official Spokesperson of the Kazakh MFA Anuar Zhainakov informs via Facebook.
  10.05.2017 14:25
Hail battered Shymkent May 9 (VIDEO)
The thunderstorm began at 22:55 and was accompanied by a 10-minute strong hail.
  26.04.2017 12:42
Experts from Almaty to help investigate into mass deaths of Caspian seals
As reported before, more than 200 corpses of the dead seals have been recently discovered in Tupkaragan district of Mangistau region. The dead animals were washed up on the shore.
  26.04.2017 11:22
The personality of a person reported about Almaty subway bomb is identified
Staff of law-enforcement bodies has identified the personality of the subway which has reported about mining in Almaty. It was the citizen of Sarkand town.
  20.04.2017 18:13
Head of N Kazakhstan internal affairs dept detained
National Bureau of Anti-Corruption has confirmed it detained the head of the department of internal affairs of Taiynshinsky district.
  17.04.2017 21:43
More than 4,700 evacuated from flooded areas in Kazakhstan
"The active phase of the flooding period has begun almost in all the regions simultaneously, except for South Kazakhstan and central regions of the country. From March 30 through April 17, floods hit North Kazakhstan, Akmola, Karaganda and Aktobe regions," said the Vice Minister.
  17.04.2017 20:43
Repair works on Beineu-Aktau highway section completed by 70%
Repair works on Beineu-Aktau highway section was completed by 70%. It became known during the working trip of Governor of Mangistau region Yeraly Tugzhanov to Karakiya district.
  10.04.2017 10:17
Air Astana plane en route Almaty-Dubai returns to airport due to technical failure
"Today the plane operating the flight KC895 from Almaty to Dubai returned to Almaty due to technical failure and landed at 8:33 am. The pilot followed all international safety procedures. The aircraft was replaced with another one", says the report.
  07.04.2017 23:31
Industry and Tourism Committee urges Kazakhstanis in Sweden not to give in' to panic
The Committee of Industry and Tourism of the Ministry of Culture and Sport says there is no information about any Kazakhstani citizens who can be among Stockholm truck attack victims.
  05.04.2017 16:30
Russian investigators detain six on terror suspicion, no links to bomb attack
Six people have been detained in St Petersburg on suspicion of recruiting for Islamic State and aiding terrorist activity, Russian investigators said on Wednesday.
  04.04.2017 19:18
MFA confirms death of Kazakh citizen in St. Petersburg terror attack
"We regret to inform that according to the adjusted data from Russian Investigative Committee the earlier missing Kazakh national Maksim Aryshev died in consequence of terror attack in Saint Petersburg on April 3, 2017. It is a huge tragedy for all of us", the Ministry reports.
  03.04.2017 22:35
RoK Embassy in Russia checks information about possible victims among Kazakhstanis in S Petersburg blast
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia verifies information if there are Kazakhstanis among those killed and injured in the blast which occurred in the Saint Petersburg metro.
  30.03.2017 18:38
Government official blamed for fatal car crash in W Kazakhstan
According to reports, on March 29 Koshchanov was driving his Toyota SUV and didn't give way to a VAZ-21703 vehicle. The VAZ car crashed into the SUV and then rammed into an Audi 80 vehicle parked on the roadside.
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