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24 March 2017
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  15.03.2017 12:12
Man who took hostage in Aktobe dentistry killed
24 year old man, threatening with a knife and demanding to bring him his ex-wife, has taken hostage the administrator of stomatology
  13.03.2017 17:24
Air Astana says recent incidents accidental
"All three events were accidential. There were failures of aviation equipment. At the moment, not a single flight personnel mistake has been detected. We have identified faulty units on all aircrafts and conducted tests. Faulty units have been replaced. The aircraft was found to be safe and usable. The same with others", he said.
  27.02.2017 09:27
Missing helicopter found 60 km north-west of Ayagoz
The private C-341 left from the village of Kozha in Urdzhar district yesterday and was supposed to land in Akshatau village of Ayagoz district for refueling. Two military helicopters MI-17 and MI-8 were involved in the search, as well as private MI-2.
  17.02.2017 20:52
22 soldiers are taken from avalanche in Jambyl region, seven dead
22 soldiers are taken from an avalanche in the Jambyl region, their condition is unknown, but as specified in CES of Ministry of Internal Affairs Kazakhstan seven soldiers died.
  10.02.2017 17:44
Military men injured in road accident in Zhambyl region
According to the press service of the Zhambyl healthcare department, 16 military men were rushed to a hospital in the city of Taraz after the road accident on the Taraz-Shymkent highway.
  08.02.2017 19:23
Almaty airport staff robbed baggages of passengers
Transport police officers detained 4 employees of JSC International Airport Almaty for making a serial theft from baggage of passengers.
  07.02.2017 19:08
Foreigner killed by avalanche in mountains in Almaty
A man was killed by an avalanche that occurred at the Shymbulak ski resort near Almaty city. The accident happened just a 15-minute drive from the city.
  01.02.2017 21:54
Foreign Ministry confirms death of Kazakh citizen in Thailand
Consulate of Kazakhstan in Pattaya confirmed death of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the hotel of Pattaya. Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan Anuar Zhaynakov.
  01.02.2017 19:33
Members of the Directorate of the Universiade paid a tribute to a colleague who passed away
January 31, 2017 about 21:00 Baurzhan Rafikov, born in 1983, a staff member of the Universiade-2017, passed away. He died at the Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex.
  24.01.2017 16:26
Conflict in Almaty parking turns into shooting
The head of Almaty DIA press service Saltanat Azirbek informed that two men conflicted in the parking in one of Almaty appartment complex of Bostandykskiy township. Eventually the conflict turned into the shooting.
  23.01.2017 22:10
Aktobe woman sells baby hours after giving birth
"The woman was taken into custody after the deal' had been clinched. A criminal investigation is underway," Ms Zabikh added.
  20.01.2017 22:45
Kazakhstan citizen admits for complicity with Islamic State
The US Ministry of Justice informed that Kazakhstan citizen Ahror Saidakhmetov admitted his guilt in collusion to support the terrorist organization of the Islamic State (it is forbidden in the USA, Kazakhstan and other countries), RIA Novosti reports.
  19.01.2017 11:21
Proceeding opens in Shymkent against last spokesman of Tokhtar Tuleshov
The Court where hearings of criminal case concerning Ruslan Irgibayev were allocated during the inquiry over "the beer king". The proceedings are not commented referring to its closeness and privacy. The Court refuses to name the articles under which Irgibayev is judjed. It is only known that the criminal case opened against him was suspended because of the suspect's disease.
  19.01.2017 10:52
Fire breaks out at a railway station in Almaty
The fire was reported at 8:40 a.m. The first firefighting crew arrived at the railway station at 8:51 a.m. Dense smoke was observed in the passenger carriage. Luckily there were no people inside.
  18.01.2017 19:55
Quakes hit snow-bound central Italy
Central Italy has been struck by a series of earthquakes, as the region shivers in freezing temperatures, the BBC reported.
  18.01.2017 19:32
Aktobe Court announces verdict for two escaped soldiers
The major Kairgali Urazzhanov and Kaynarbek Tastanbekov are accused of running away during the attack of extremists to the military unit instead of resisting to terrorists.
  30.07.2013 15:12
Police colonel shot himself in Akmola region
Deputy Head of the Zerendydistrict, police colonel Askhat Sibanovhad committed suicide at his home.
  28.07.2013 14:08
Two trains collided at the Almaty-2 station, about 50 people injured
On July 28, 2013, at about 6:05 p.m., on the 4th road of the railway station of Almaty-2, a rail tractor, while pushing the passenger train number 15 going on route Almaty - Petropavlovsk without passengers, collided with a passenger train number 301/302 going on route Almaty - Novosibirsk, to embark on the same path.
  24.07.2013 12:42
The Kazakhstani victim was killed in a fight by neo-Nazis
Happy Bavarian festival in the small German town of Kaufboyron ended in tragedy. Seven residents of the East German Th?ringen, who came here to work, put up a fight in a pub, turning the death of our compatriot. According to German newspaper Suddeutsche, the bullies were neo-Nazis. The fight in the pub was between the visitors and guards.
  24.07.2013 11:05
Due to the false bomb threat 140 children were evacuated from a kindergarten in Almaty
On July 22 at 00:25 p.m. an operational duty officer of the Almaty Emergency Situations Department informed the OCC (Operations Control Center) of the Police Office department in Almaty region, on alleged bomb threat in one of the city's kindergartens.

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