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24 June 2018
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International affair
  22.06.2018 19:59
Two Kazakhstan women to leave for UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon
One of the reforms of the United Nations is to increase the number of women among peacekeepers.
  22.06.2018 19:46
Kazakhstan, Iceland eye tourism, sport coop in Reykjavik
On 17th June, Mr Erlan Idrissov, non-resident Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iceland visited Reykjavik, where he took part in state events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Icelandic independence.
  22.06.2018 19:34
London police arrest man with suspected bomb in underground station
A man who claimed to be carrying an explosive device at Charing Cross underground station in central London has been arrested.
  21.06.2018 21:22
EU's role in modernization of Kazakhstan discussed in Brussels
A "round table" "Modernization of Kazakhstan. What role of for the European Union?" with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Belgium was held at "Euractiv" premises on June 19, 2018 in Brussels.
  20.06.2018 20:38
Astana-Black Sea flights resumed
The flights will be carried out once a week on Fridays on the aircraft Embraer 190-100.
  19.06.2018 20:49
In Kazakhstan, trans-border disputes began to deal with by mediators
Over a long time, employees could not sue for wages, because the leadership of a company was abroad.
  19.06.2018 19:47
Amazon CEO becomes world's richest man
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world with a net wealth of 141.9 billion U.S. dollars.
  18.06.2018 23:06
S.Korea proposes movement of N. Korean long-range artillery away from border: sources
South Korea proposed that North Korea move its long-range artillery away from the heavily fortified border in an effort to reduce tensions during last week's rare cross-border military talks, government sources here said Sunday.
  15.06.2018 16:35
Kazakhstan to deploy 120 soldiers to Lebanon
Kazakhstanis will partake in peacemaking missions of the United Nation Organization. The soldiers will serve at Indian Armed Forces unit.
  14.06.2018 15:49
Kazakhstan, Oman signed agreement on mutual exemption from visa requirements
Oman is among 48 states of the world citizens of which can get short-term visas to visit Kazakhstan without invitation.
  14.06.2018 15:40
Astana highly praises Pyongyang's commitment towards denuclearization
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan calls on all interested parties to support the talks of the USA and DPRK.
  13.06.2018 14:41
Second branch of Turkey's longest tunnel to be commissioned
The second branch of the Mount Ovit Tunnel, which will connect Turkey's two northern provinces, namely, Rize and Erzurum, will be commissioned in the country June 13.
  13.06.2018 14:34
2-million year old fossils of elephant teeth found in NW Iran
Two Quaternary Period fossils of elephant teeth, as old as two million years, were discovered in Ardebil Province, northwestern Iran.
  13.06.2018 14:28
Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Foreign Media Contest calls for applications
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Kazakhstan's Chief Editors Club, is pleased to announce the call for applications to the Fifth "Kazakhstan through the Eyes of Foreign Media" Competition.
  12.06.2018 21:49
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have met for the first time
The heads of state met in Singapore at the Summit of North Korea and the USA. The main subject of the Summit is nuclear disarmament of North Korea.
  12.06.2018 21:35
Nazarbayev proposes to construct high-speed railroad through Astana to Europe
The Eurasian High-Speed Railroad will stretch the route of Beijing-Astana-Moscow-Berlin.
  11.06.2018 22:48
China, India ready to deepen their economic ties
India has been one of the fastest-growing large economies in the world for over two decades. However, the country's performance in terms of GDP growth and macroeconomic stability has been dwarfed by that of China.
  11.06.2018 22:43
Can China and Pakistan work together in building economic links to third markets?
Will Pakistan become a pragmatic bridgehead for China's cooperation with Europe? It may be too early to say yes, but the country's broad potential has attracted great attention.
  11.06.2018 22:36
Summit to open new page for SCO: Chinese analysts
The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit is scheduled for June 9-10 in Qingdao.
  11.06.2018 22:32
To benefit all mankind, cooperation is needed
Recently US President Donald Trump's "drunken fist" on trade issues has dazzled the world. Its allies have all been affected. Grievances and anger enshroud the West. Many of Trump's practices are like "drunk driving," which is destroying the global trade regulations and inviting chaos to the world economy.
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Британии официально припомнили государственные преступления
В Москве 19 апреля 2018 года были официально преданы гласности преступления, совершенные Великобританией в отношении народов и стран, подвергшихся захвату и ставших ее колониями.
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