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11 December 2018
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Seeing a better China through "Delegates passage"27.10.2017
International affairs  18:24
China. 27 October. Kazakhstan Today - The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) set up a "delegates' passage" on where delegates could answer questions from the press.

The passage can help improving the transparency of the CPC and display a "three-dimensional" China, said Anil Sigdel, a political scientist and columnist from the US.

Thanks to the passage, both officials and "grass roots" are free to express their viewpoints on specific agendas and respond to topics concerned by domestic and international societies, Sigdels said, pointing out such voices are more convincing.

The voices from those delegates can deliver the concerns of people from different walks of life comprehensively, said the columnist, adding that this was a reflection of democracy.

Describing the new passage as a kind of progress, Hans Hendrischke, professor of Chinese business and management at the University of Sydney Business School, told People's Daily that it allows Western society to learn more about the CPC National Congress through a more open and transparent information releasing mechanism.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his report to the 19th National Congress of the CPC, stressed the importance of exercising strict governance over the Party and improving the Party's ability to govern and lead.

Yuri Tavrovskiy, a professor with Russia-based RUDN University, said he was touched by Xi's pledge and also agreed with comments on party governance by Ling Jiefang, a Chinese writer and a five-time delegate to the Congress.

Ling said, "If we look back on the history of China, there has never been a time that such amount of effort was made to fight against corruption like we've been doing in recent years. There has never been a CPC-led people's war against corruption like we are having now."

The tough battle against corruption launched by the CPC in recent years is not a temporary move, but a continued endeavor to solve the problems in a fundamental way, the writer said.

Pics: A delegate of the 19th CPC National Congress is answering questions from medias at the delegates' passage. (Photo by Lei Sheng from People's Daily)

By Zhang Penghui, Li Feng, Qu Song, Huan Xiang from People's Daily

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