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21 June 2018
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International center of green technologies to be established in next month07.09.2017
Politics  14:22
Astana. 7 September. Kazakhstan Today - The International center of green technologies, which will deal with the task of transforming the energy sector and transition to the "green" business will be established on the base of the EXPO in the near month. It was announced by Minister of energy of Kazakhstan Kanat Bosumnayev at an opening ceremony of the IXth Eurasian forum "Kazenergy".

According to Kanat Bozumbayev, the fuel and energy sector will comprise up to 19 trillion tenge only for the next 17-25 years, 97% out of which are provided by private investments.

"By the way, the strategy of Kazakhstan is focused not only on high indicators of the traditional energy sector, but also on the step-by-step development of alternative sources, including renewable sources of energy. During the last year, the alternative energy sector has received considerable support from the Government of our country. Many leading companies, as well as important business-directions of traditional sources of energy conduct planned diversification towards renewable sources of energy", the Minister of energy said.

According to the Head of the Ministry of energy, Kazakhstan has been actively introducing alternative and renewable sources to the energy balance, the proportion of which should be 3% totally by 2020, 10% by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

The International center of green technologies, which will be created in the next month will deal with the matters of transition to the green business.

"The experience of large corporations, with which we have been cooperating for a long time in the oil and gas industry, will undoubtedly be useful to us in this sector and we have held the relevant talks, we conduct them more now. Companies like ENI, Shell, they expect to increase their activity in this sector, too. On the basis of the EXPO, an International center of green technologies and investment projects of the future energy will be created in the next month, which will deal with the tasks of transforming the energy sector and transition to the green business. It will cooperate with the industrially developed member-countries of the OECD. Cooperation with Russia, China, the United States, India, Latin America will be a worthy continuation of the EXPO experience. The center will be focused not only on Kazakhstan, but on the entire Central Asian region. Of course, we feel the influence on making responsible decisions on the further development of the industry. I am confident that by joint efforts we will be able to build a reliable foundation for an effective energy future, which will be cleaner, greener, it is precisely this kind of the future that we are obliged to provide to the next generation of power engineers", the Minister concluded.

We note that today the IXth Eurasian forum "Kazenergy" on the theme "Creating future energy" has begun its work in the capital.

Source: strategy2050.kz website

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