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20 June 2018
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K.Tokayev proposes to reject expensive image-building projects17.03.2017
Politics  16:03
Astana. 17 March. Kazakhstan Today - "We must focus on increasing efficiency of budget expenditures. The approach to budget expenditures should be carefully thought out. Budgetary funds should be allocated to the fields that are in a real need for it. Overspending is unacceptable. It is necessary to significantly reduce or even to stop spending budget on cost-intensive image-building projects", Tokayev said.

According to him, with regard to social obligations it is necessary to consistently adhere to the new principles of social policy that is to support only those who need government's assistance.

The Senate Chairman underlined that state's economic stability depends on the balance of the main budgetary parameters primarily income and expenditure.

Source: strategy2050.kz website

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