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24 January 2019
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Kazakhstan and Belarus agree on blockchain16.05.2018
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A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Kazakhstan-Belarusian company and the Association of the Blockchain of Belarus within the framework of the International Specialized Exhibition "TIBO - 2018". The Memorandum will allow the experts of the two countries to establish cooperation in exchanging experience in the field of the latest technologies and become more competitive on the world stage, the press service of the IT Park Astana Hub reports.

"The bottom line is that this is a multinational technology, and the development of some real solutions, both at the state and private levels, does not make sense within the framework of one state." In connection with this, this memorandum was signed to develop the most optimal decisions, exchange experience, personnel, borrow from each other already working solutions based on the technology blockchain and the crypto-currency world," Stanislav Baskov, director of the Association of Distributed Registers Technologies commented.

Thanks to Decree No. 8, the Republic of Belarus legalized the activities of block-chain projects, mining, and cryptocurrencies. The signed agreement will make it possible for the Belarusian specialists to adopt the Belarusian experience of integration into the world of blockade and crypto-currencies.

"Today, the Republic of Belarus has advanced experience in the use of legislation and regulation of block technologies, with which the Kazakh side is interested in getting to know and understanding how this is regulated and how best to do it. We want to find partners, friends, colleagues, investors, and employees for mutually beneficial cooperation," regional representative of Digital Contracts Group Sergey Solovetkin noted.

Source: BNews.kz

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