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24 January 2019
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Word 'Kazakhstan' on state emblem to be written in Latin characters12.06.2018
Politics  21:40

A bill "On making amendments and additions to some constitutional laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan" has been considered at the extended meeting of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial System and Law Enforcement Bodies of the Senate.

The document is aimed at improvement of the mechanism of elections, including the introduction of new institutions.

The Constitutional Law "On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan" introduces the following legal developments:

- direct elections of rural governors (governor of a city of regional significance, village, village, rural district) are introduced;

- a proportional system is established for the election of deputies of maslikhats (elected body of a rural area) elected by party lists;

- district election commissions are abolished;

- in connection with the establishment of direct elections of the rural governors, territorial election commissions are vested with the authority to ensure the organization and conduct of elections, including governors of the rural level;

- the exercise of authority on a professional basis by two members of territorial election commissions;

- digitalization elements are introduced into the electoral process, including the digitization of the voter list;

- the election campaign by electronic mass media is regulated;

- the procedure for revoking the accreditation of international observers is specified.

The bill also introduces amendments to the Constitutional law "On state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan," providing for the writing of the word Kazakhstan on the State Emblem in Latin characters.

The meeting also has considered in the first reading a bill "On making amendments and additions to some legislative act of the Republic of Kazakhstan on elections."

The bill is designed to bring legislative acts in line with the draft Constitutional Law "On amendments and additions to some constitutional laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan."

Amendments are made in five legislative acts: the Budget Code, the Code of Administrative Offenses, the laws "On Local Government Administration and Self-Government in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Political Parties" and "On Public Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The bill makes further basic amendments and additions:

-training of voters and members of election commissions at the expense of local budget funds is introduced;

- responsibility is established for violating the procedure for the publication or airing of campaign materials of candidates, political parties participating in elections, as well as for violating the conditions for conducting an opinion poll related to elections;

- determine the procedure for electing and terminating the authority of rural governors.

The bills have been submitted to the Chamber for consideration.

Source: BNews.kz

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