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18 December 2018
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  17.12.2018 21:11
Global diets lacking vitamins, minerals: Australian scientists
Diets all over the world are lacking vitamins and minerals essential for healthy growth, Australia's peak scientific body found.
  17.12.2018 21:01
Kazakh youth rallied in Almaty 32 years ago
The Kazakh youth's protests, also known as the Jeltoqsan, took place in Almaty 32 years ago. The December 1986 events in Kazakhstan were the first mass rally in the USSR against the center's dictatorship.
  17.12.2018 20:44
Dimash awarded as Singer of the Year at Silk Road Cohesion Awards 2018
Dimash Qudaibergen has been recognized as the best singer of the year at the Silk Road Cohesion Awards 2018 International Film Festival hosted by Shanghai.
  14.12.2018 21:04
National network 'Healthy cities of Kazakhstan' has been presented in Astana
The project aims at providing safe living conditions, accessible medical services, reducing pollution and creating conditions for an active lifestyle.
  14.12.2018 20:41
Kazakhstan to build a plant to generate electricity from cotton waste
According to foreign experts, 1 ha of cotton produces around 3 tons of cotton waste that can further generate 30-40 MW of electricity.
  13.12.2018 21:23
Biotechnology set to be the 'next big wave of innovation'
Credited as the first to predict the impact of the digital age, Dr Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder of the MIT Media Lab, describes biotechnology as the next big wave of innovation, similar to how digital was 30 years ago.
  13.12.2018 21:17
YouTuber now among top 10 occupations desired by elementary students: survey
YouTuber is now one of the 10 occupations most desired by South Korean elementary school students, while scientist has been pushed out of the top 10.
  13.12.2018 21:07
For the first time ever snow leopard caught on trail camera at Ile-Alatau park
A snow leopard and her kittens were for the first time ever caught on the trail camera at the Ile-Alatau National Park.
  13.12.2018 20:51
The best films about Central Asia announced in Almaty
The organizer of the film festival was Clique.
  12.12.2018 19:01
Kazakhstan to introduce color marking for food products
The novelty concerns producers of flour, confectionary, dairy, meat products, drinks, tinned food.
  11.12.2018 19:53
Astana to hold nationwide telebridge engaging Nursultan Nazarbayev
As a rule, industrial, innovative, infrastructural and energy projects will be launched throughout the country.
  10.12.2018 21:02
Australian scientists develop 10-minute cancer test
The cheap and simple test uses a color-changing fluid to reveal the presence of malignant cells anywhere in the body and provides results in less than 10 minutes, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Communications.
  10.12.2018 20:35
Legendary Notre Dame de Paris musical to be staged in Kazakh in Astana
Kazakhstan will become the 10th country in the world to stage Notre Dame de Paris musical in its state language.
  10.12.2018 20:20
Kazakhstan to automate an additional 70 public services by the year's end
The Ministry of Information and Communication suggests automating this sphere by 90% by 2020.
  07.12.2018 21:18
Tool designed to track steps of cells' development: study
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed a new tool described as a "flight data recorder" for developing cells, illuminating the paths cells take as they progress from one type to another.
  06.12.2018 20:48
Kazakhstan's rail passengers to be warned of possible train delays
Starting January 1, 2019, rail passengers in Kazakhstan will be notified of possible train delays exceeding 3 hours.
  06.12.2018 20:35
Almaty simplifies the process of obtaining work permits by foreigners
The staying order of tourists is also being simplified in the city.
  05.12.2018 21:25
New Kazakh air carrier to start flying next spring
The new Kazakh air carrier, Fly Arystan, will begin flying next spring," Kazakh Investments and Development Minister Zhenis Kassymbek revealed at today's plenary session of the Majilis held in Astana.
  05.12.2018 21:08
Over 1.7 thousand foreigners have been deported from the country by court decision
Over a month, over 28 thousand cases of residing without registration, over 17 thousand violations of the migration legislation by foreigners were revealed
  05.12.2018 20:50
USA holds Kazakh Culture and Literature Forum
The event will present books by Kazakh authors, and a photo exhibition 'Culture and Art of Kazakhstan.'
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