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27 April 2017
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  21.04.2017 17:32
Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan held meeting on draft campaign progress
In the Ministry of Defense under the leadership of the Defense Minister of Kazakhstan, Colonel-General Saken Zhasuzakov, a selector conference on the organization of conscription of citizens for military service in the spring of 2017 took place, the Ministry reports.
  21.04.2017 14:57
Anti-terrorist trainings held in the Almaty airport
The planned anti-terrorist trainings in the conditions of the international airport Almaty is completed.
  20.04.2017 20:53
Astana Airport changes flight schedule due to parade rehearsal
Astana imposes short-term restrictions on the use of the airspace during the preparation and conduct of the military parade, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.
  19.04.2017 17:30
2017 Year of China Tourism in Kazakhstan opens in Almaty
2017 was declared the Year of China Tourism in Kazakhstan in President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and President Xi Jinping's joint declaration from September 16, 2013, on further development of strategic partnership between the two countries.
  19.04.2017 14:48
Additional routes to be launched from new Astana railway station
The list of trains that will run through a new railway station of the city of Astana has been approved, according to "Passenger transportation" JSC.
  19.04.2017 11:23
Procedure of receiving verification letters is simplified on egov.kz
It will be possible to receive verification letters on e-government portal without binding it to the EDS, NJSC "State Corporation "Government for Citizens".
  18.04.2017 10:54
Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed to keep the flood situation in Kazakhstan under special control
During the meeting of the Government, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed the regional mayors and the responsible state bodies to keep the flood situation under special control.
  17.04.2017 18:18
Ministry of Health launches republican action "Hightech Days"
An action will be held in North, West, East Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Aktobe, Atyrau and Pavlodar regions, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan informs.
  17.04.2017 15:23
KLM closes Kazakhstan-Holland direct flights in autumn
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will close the direct flight from Amsterdam to Kazakhstan cities of Astana and Almaty in winter season, the company said in a message.
  14.04.2017 11:42
"Astana-Altynkol" high-speed train to be launched in May
In Beijing the railway administrations of Kazakhstan and China agreed to increase the cargo flows in the China-Europe transit via Kazakhstan
  13.04.2017 20:25
Expert opinion: Pros and cons of transition of Kazakh language to Latin alphabet
The expert believes that the state, when making a decision, certainly should consult the society with an expert community, weigh pros and cons, primarily financial investments and an effect that will be gained.
  07.04.2017 19:58
Askar Umarov appointed as Director General of Kazinform News Agency
Vice Minister of Information and Communications Alan Azhibayev has introduced Askar Umarov to the staff of Kazinform International News Agency as its new Director General.
  07.04.2017 18:41
Фото: ABilet.kz
Astana airport begins modernization of station area
Today, work to expand the station area of Astana airport to enhance the level of comfort for passengers has been begun. At the time of the reconstruction, the area in front of the airport terminal will be available only for taken up or set down of passengers. You can park your car at the free car park. The covered parking terminal will operate as usual.
  07.04.2017 17:29
Фото: opogode.ua
Warm weather forecast in Kazakhstan at weekend
The anti-cyclone which is displacing cold fronts from Kazakhstan to the east will retain partly cloudy and sunny weather in most regions of the country at the weekend.
  06.04.2017 15:58
Kazakhstan Ministry of Information and Communication concludes memorandum with BBC
The Minister of information and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev during his working visit to the Great Britain and Northern Ireland, met with Sean O'Hara, regional director of BBC Worldwide. After the meeting, the Ministry of information and communications has concluded memorandum with BBC.
  05.04.2017 15:59
Gloomy weather predicted for Kazakhstan Apr 6-8
The tropospheric flows will gradually change their directions from the north to the south-east. Due to this, the country will enjoy dry and warm weather on April 8.
  05.04.2017 14:42
Kazakh MFA mourns death of Maksim Aryshev killed in St. Petersburg subway blast
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov has extended his condolences to the family of Maksim Aryshev who was killed in Saint Petersburg subway explosion.
  04.04.2017 22:41
6.3-magnitude earthquake hits East Kazakhstan
The hypocenter is located 732 km north-east from Almaty in the territory of Kazakhstan. Energy magnitude is 13.3. MPV magnitude is 6.3. The hypocenter coordinates are 47.52 N 83.95 E. The depth is 10 km.
  04.04.2017 15:34
8,000 new terms approved in the Kazakh language for 3 years
The total number of terms approved by the terminology commission was 18 thousand, said deputy chairman of the Committee for the Development of Languages ??and Public Policy of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Galymzhan Meldeshev at the press conference following the results of the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  03.04.2017 18:40
Фото: www.stihi.ru
Direct flight between Astana and Budapest to launch on June
A press conference on the launch of the direct air service between Budapest and Astana was held at the Central Communications Service.

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