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21 February 2018
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  20.02.2018 21:40
More than fifty foreigners studied skills of public administration in Kazakhstan
For the current academic year, 9 civil servants from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia were enrolled
  20.02.2018 21:25
Aliya Nazarbayeva: "Tomiris" will show the Great Steppe spirit
The historical drama "Tomiris" which is being shot by Kazakhfilm Studio jointly with Satayfilm movie company has been presented to the expert committee
  20.02.2018 21:20
MFA updates list of countries Kazakh people can travel to visa free
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan has updated the list of the countries with which Kazakhstan enjoys visa-free travel
  20.02.2018 21:15
Ashimbayev: Kazakh language becomes more practical, functional
First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan Party Maulen Ashimbayev shared his thoughts on the amendments to the President's Decree "On the switchover of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin-based script"
  19.02.2018 23:43
Number of HIV-infected in Kazakhstan increases annually by 10%
According to information of the Ministry of Healthcare, over 2017 about 3 million HIV tests were held.
  19.02.2018 23:19
Two regions of Kazakhstan on high wind warning
Meteorologists have put two regions of Kazakhstan on high wind alert.
  19.02.2018 23:09
About 40 Kazakh websites hacked - CAICA
About 40 Kazakhstani websites were hacked over the weekend.
  16.02.2018 19:52
Freezing weekend expects in Kazakhstan
The air temperature in the most part of the country is expected to be below the climate norm by a few.
  16.02.2018 19:44
Kazakhstan intends to increase the proportion of Internet users up to 78% this year
In 2018, specific assignments will be carried out within the framework of Digital Kazakhstan.
  16.02.2018 19:36
Khoja Ahmed Yassawi's manuscripts to be published in South Kazakhstan region
South-Kazakhstan regional administration plans to publish 100 previously unpublished manuscripts of 16th-century Turkic poet and Sufi Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.
  16.02.2018 19:27
Kazakhstan to launch Kazakh music online radio for international audience
Online radio of Kazakh music for foreign listenership will be launched in Kazakhstan, announced Aida Balayeva, the Head of the Domestic Policy Department of the Kazakh President's Executive Office.
  15.02.2018 20:21
Turkey and Korea to construct a ring road in Almaty region
The construction of Big Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD) with a total amount of 467.9 million dollars will start in 2018 in Almaty region.
  15.02.2018 19:36
Almaty to showcase its tourism potential at ITB Berlin 2018
The brand of Almaty city will be presented at one of the largest international tourist exhibitions ITB Berlin 2018.
  15.02.2018 19:10
Kazakhfilm joins Asia-Pacific Federation of Filmmakers
Kazakhstan's studio of feature films and documentaries 'Kazakhfilm' is the first in the CIS to have become a member of the Federation of Filmmakers of the Asia-Pacific Region.
  14.02.2018 19:19
Kazakhstans 'happiness index' makes up 74%
Kazakhstan citizens placed seventh in the happiness rating.
  14.02.2018 19:05
Rocket of the Russian missile defense tested at Sary Shagan
The launch was conducted successfully, the Russian Aerospace Force said.
  13.02.2018 20:18
Kaspersky Lab: Hackers Used Telegram Vulnerability to Deliver Mining Bots to PCs
The vulnerability was used from March 2017, but is now closed. The affected machines were situated in Russia. Kaspersky Lab says it is in line with the recent trend of mining bots.
  13.02.2018 20:07
Cargo ship starts up successfully from the Baikonur cosmodrome
The launch was carried out from the launch complex of the Soyuz carrier rocket (platform No. 31) of the Baikonur cosmodrome and passed in normal mode.
  13.02.2018 20:03
South Kazakhstan designer to show her collection in Milan
She is one of the winners of the contest "San men Sakhna" among young designers that is held in Kazakhstan.
  13.02.2018 19:57
Largest oncology center in Central Asia to appear in Astana
The construction will be given a start in spring.
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В России намереваются законодательно запретить производителям намеренно сокращать срок службы техники
Эксперты считают, что механизм саморазрушения закладывают еще на заводе-изготовителе, а обратный отсчет начинается с первого включения. В секретных цехах инженеры доводят эту технологию до совершенства, поскольку надежность и долговечность вредят бизнесу.
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