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21 January 2017
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  19.01.2017 15:31
Kazakhstan citizens want to restore as deadly as beautiful mascots of EXPO 2017
The sensational mascots of EXPO 2017 are restored and in the nearest future will be presented in the new format. The director of the department of marketing and promotion of JSC NC Astana EXPO 2017 Allen Chayzhunusov noted that the restoration will take into account the public comments that mascots will represent the exhibition with dignity
  18.01.2017 11:25
Kazakhstan to tighten security at railway stations from 1 Feb
The procedure will be launched on February 1 in order to ensure safety of passengers and anti-terrorism security.
  17.01.2017 16:22
Aysultan Nazarbayev: Massimov to clean our President's surrounding
Aysultan Nazarbayev spoke about the latest corruption events and the arrests' facts in Kazakhstan
  12.01.2017 16:57
New productive employment program to allow young people to get first working profession for free
New productive employment development program and mass business, which started on January 1 this year, provides a number of mechanisms for free education of youth and the creation of employment opportunities for them, reported Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova during a meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan.
  30.07.2013 14:48
Prosecutor General's Office to verify the information about children's Muslim camps in Kazakhstan
Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan studied the information published in the media about" the spiritual wellness Muslim camps, located on the territory of Kazakhstan", where school students from Altai Republic of the Russian Federation are sent to.
  26.07.2013 17:21
Armed criminal in Almaty
The man who shot at the policeman on July 24 has not been arrestedyet. Last time he was seen at the intersection of Raimbek and Suyunbay streets. According to witnesses, he got off the bus number 79 to the bus stop near Merey shopping center.
  26.07.2013 14:13
Figure in the criminal case on extremism organized a trip of Altai school-students to the Muslim camps in Kazakhstan
On July 9, 2013 the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic checked for legality the trip of the school students of Kosh-Agachrayon to spiritual wellness Muslim camps in Kazakhstan.
  26.07.2013 12:01
Supreme Court to consider a petition for review of Chelakh's verdict for a month
The lawyer asks to cancel the verdict by the specialized inter-district military court on criminal cases against Chelakh, the decision of the board of appeal and the judicial panel of the military court to uphold the verdict of first instance, and stop the criminal case.
  25.07.2013 17:25
Senior officers of Frontier Service accused of bribery tried in Almaty
According to investigators, Sergeant Yesimov, Captain Gabdullin, Major General Iljasovand Lieutenant Colonel Yelemesov regularly helped foreigners for money to crossthe border illegally.
  25.07.2013 14:48
Prime Minister visits National Biotechnology Center construction site
Minister of Education and Science Zhumagulov and CEO of the center Momynaliyev told about the progress of construction of the facility.
  25.07.2013 13:47
Health Ministry asks Prosecutor General's Office to check on the children infected with hepatitis C in Astana
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan appealed to the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan to conduct a joint inspection upon detection of hepatitis in children with leukemia at the National Research Center of Maternity and Childhood of the National Medical Holding.
  25.07.2013 10:59
About 50 thousand students failed the complex testing in Kazakhstan
About 80 million people were involved in the complex testing - graduates who have decided not to take the UNT.
  23.07.2013 13:13
US Ambassador insisted on a methadone program in Kazakhstan
When Salidat Kairbekovawas appointed Minister of Health, U.S. Ambassador Richard E. Hoagland wrote her a letter in which by plain text said that if the methadone program was not continue, it would be called into question the possibility of further grants from the Global Fund Kazakhstan. We do not need their money at this price!" said in an interview for Metropolis newspaper president of the National Medical Association Aizhan Sadykova.
  22.07.2013 13:28
Head of the "Sarah Bokter" frontier post Alexei Fomin was released on parole
The Head of the "Sarah Bokter" frontier post Fomin was charged under several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan: in hiding from Usharal frontier management the fact that the Argkankergen post did not contactfrom 28 to 30 May 2012, in failing to take measures to restore communications,in illegal possession of ammunition, omission, abuse of power and forgery.
  18.07.2013 14:07
A Commissioner on children's rights may appear in Kazakhstan
A Commissioner on children's rights is vital to our country, according to a Supreme Court judge Galia Akkuova. She notes that the experience of Russia may become a model for us. During the meeting with the Russian Ombudsman, local lawyers have discussed many issues, one of which was the introduction of the same specialist in Kazakhstan.
  18.07.2013 12:14
Comprehensive testing of school graduates begins in Kazakhstan
In Kazakhstan this year comprehensive testing will take place from 19 to 22 July, and 78,758 school leavers and graduates of vocational education institutions will pass the testing.
  17.07.2013 12:30
Astakhov transferred information on Kazakh children on a ranch in the U.S. to the Kazakh Ministry of Justice
We found two children from Kazakhstan in the lists of the children of the infamous ranch. According to these children I have the information ready to pass.
  09.07.2013 11:11
PM urges to submit proposals on development of mass sports in Kazakhstan
The Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy were instructed to consider development of the program of development of sports in the country and make proposals to the Government by September 1 of the current year.
  04.07.2013 13:06
Apartments damaged by the fire due to overturned tanker to be repaired until the fall
Akim of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov met with the tenants of the house, damaged because of the fire from the explosion of the fuel tanker.
  04.07.2013 12:19
Chief sanitarian of Kazakhstan announced the results of studies the impact of Proton-M falling
From the moment of the accident sanitary service defined the closest districts to the site, including: Tjuratam, Akai, Zhosaly and the city of Baikonur. Health monitoring has been conducted in these settlements. Exceeding standards of toxic substances were not found. Currently, the Russian party carries out the work on detoxification on the polygon territory.

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