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12 December 2017
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  19.10.2017 15:12
Friday weather forecast: Four regions under storm warning
According to the forecasters, strong winds up to 15-20 m/s with gusts up to 23-28 m/s are expected across Kostanay, East Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan, and parts of Kyzylorda regions on Friday.
  13.10.2017 15:07
India Readies Law for Passive Euthanasia
India's highest court was informed by the government on Tuesday that the legislature was considering the introduction of a law to permit passive euthanasia throughout the country.
  10.10.2017 16:01
Healthcare system of Kazakhstan continues to introduce modern information technologies
Today during the Government meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov spoke about the results of implementing the main directions of the State Healthcare Development Program "Densaulyk" for 2016-2019.
  10.10.2017 12:20
Electronic labor exchange to be created in Kazakhstan
At the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, a draft law aimed at modernizing the labor market was considered. The document was presented by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Tamara Duissenova.
  08.10.2017 12:23
Climate Change Denial Debunked: Venezuela First Country to Lose All Glaciers
In spite of an overwhelming body of evidence there are some who still debate whether global warming as a result of human-induced climate change is real, but now, to finally put those doubts to rest, Venezuela is about to lose its last remaining glacier.
  08.10.2017 12:09
Dry and windy day expected in Kazakhstan on October 8
Some precipitation is expected only in the East. Some parts of the country will see fog and wind strengthening. A dust storm is expected in the South.
  27.09.2017 19:51
NSC: Six banks of Kazakhstan suffered from cyber attacks in 2017
Many banks hide such incidents because of fear of image losses, the NSC stated.
  26.09.2017 15:35
Data of Kazakhstan citizens on study will be stored in electronic form
On each Kazakhstan citizen the private office with information on indicators of his study, since kindergarten before doctoral studies will be got.
  25.09.2017 18:08
In Almaty, two residential complexes to be built under the Nurly Zher Program
There will be 14 residential buildings in Nauryzbaysky district and 8 more residential buildings of Almaly Residential Complex in Alatau district. In total, both projects are designed for 994 and 557 apartments, the information service kn.kz reports with reference to the press service of Zhilstroysberbank.
  25.09.2017 14:36
Electronic bracelets for convicts to be produced in Kazakhstan
Annually by means of bracelets about 6 thousand people will be controlled.
  21.09.2017 12:05
Participants of the Coalition of Democratic Forces of Almaty discuss the advantages of transition of the state language to Latin alphabet
According to the pro-rector of the International University of Innovative Technologies Raisa Uskenbayeva, "EXPO has become one of the key events in the newest history of Kazakhstan, a symbol of industrialization, communication, an open platform for demonstrating technical and technological achievements."
  18.09.2017 21:35
4 Facts of Offences of Improvement and Landscaping Rules Have Been Revealed within One Day
Within the environmental month of "Astana-Taza Qala", the Local Police Service of Astana DIA conducts raids. During the first citywide clean-up for landscaping and sanitary cleaning of the city, four drivers have been identified and brought to administrative responsibility under Art. 505 of the Code of the RoK on Administrative Offences "Violation of the Rules of Improvement and Landscaping".
  18.09.2017 18:45
The Evangelical Lutheran Church Has Been Opened in Astana
The first cathedral of the Evangelical Lutheran Church has been opened in Astana. The building is located at the intersection of Kudaiberdyuly and Ile Streets.
  16.09.2017 10:20
Teachers of Almaty urged to explain the timeliness of transition to the Latin alphabet
According to Zhantleu Aziskhanov, president of the Almaty Association of Colleges, the education sector employees should explain the issue of transition to the Latin alphabet to the population. He invited his colleagues to go to apartments, to houses, and also to conduct explanatory work wherever they were, for example, in buses.
  13.09.2017 20:12
The discussion of the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin alphabet held with the participation of APK members in Almaty
The next speaker was APK Deputy Chairman Abilfas Khamedov. According to him, such changes make it possible to further enhance the authority of Kazakhstan in the world and improve international relations.
  13.09.2017 16:29
University Youth Association of Almaty announced its readiness to switch to Latin alphabet
The statement says that Kazakhstanis, as a friendly people, who surprise everyone with their hospitality and communication, should show their spirituality, a single nation. This is especially noticeable in Almaty, where representatives of the most diverse nations, even descendants of those who were once forced to leave this country, study.
  12.09.2017 16:20
Doctor of Political Sciences shared her opinion on the transition of Kazakh into Latin
Doctor of Political Sciences shared her opinion on the transition of Kazakh into Latin
  11.09.2017 14:03
KitapFest-2017 held within the framework of the Ruhani Jangyrou Program in Almaty
Visitors of the festival took part in the presentation of the book exhibition-project "100 Best Kazakhstani Books," and also got acquainted with the books at the exhibition "World of the Children's Book." Annually taking part in the book festival, the staff of the Central Library System of the city built a unique construction in the form of EXPO-17 letters.
  07.09.2017 17:44
Interview with artist from Kazakhstan Yuliya V Krylova, who currently lives and works in London
Yuliya V Krylova works across few disciplines of painting, costume/fashion design, performance and installation. In the interview she talks about her art, plans, life in london, railway uniform designs and much more.
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