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18 August 2017
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  14.08.2017 16:25
Dear subscribers,
Due to a short vacation of the editor of the English newswire, our subscription will be suspended until 28 August, 2017.
  14.08.2017 14:38
Late-night snack economy in China, a symbol of urban vitality
Thanks to the continuous blistering heatwave across many parts of China, the number of online and offline orders for late-night snacks in China's major cities has more than doubled, reported 21st Century Education Research Institute.
  14.08.2017 12:33
Five reasons why foreigners choose to stay in China
More and more foreigners find China a charming country full of opportunities. Lots of travelers and international students, who are enchanted by its beautiful scenery, luring delicacies, safe environment, convenient transportation, prosperous economy, and friendly people, would rather stay and work in China than return home.
  08.08.2017 23:30
Archaeologists discovered another Golden Man in E Kazakhstan
"Expedition headed by Zeynolla Samashev during the archaeological excavations in the Berel Valley found another "Golden Man". Being on a business trip within the framework of the "Sacral Kazakhstan" program in the East Kazakhstan region I have witnessed this sensational discovery," the scientist wrote.
  07.08.2017 16:22
More than 60 festivals and concerts will be held on City Day of Almaty
Residents and guests of Almaty can enjoy a rich cultural and entertainment program throughout the month: over 60 new and already loved festivals and concerts. The festive program dedicated to the City Day will start on August 19-20 at the high-mountain skating rink Medeu, where the first international music festival Star of Asia will be held within the framework of the Ruhani Jangyrou program.
  01.08.2017 12:24
Government of Kazakhstan summed up the results of the UNT in a new format
Today within the framework of the Government meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the results of the past Unified National Test in a new format and Complex Test for students of TVE were considered
  24.07.2017 19:31
Honored football coach of Kazakhstan passes away
Bauyrzhan Sarsekenov trained the best Kazakhstani footballers, namely Marat Shakhmetov, mark Gurman, Zhambyl Kukeyev, Artyom Fomin, Yuri Logvinenko, tanat Nuserbayev and many others.
  24.07.2017 17:55
Фото: BNews.kz
1,5mln people visited EXPO
A million-and-a-half visitor was registered at EXPO-2017, the media center of the exhibition informed.
  24.07.2017 13:36
In South Kazakhstan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper extorted money from businessman
In South Kazakhstan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper extorted money from businessman
  19.07.2017 14:55
2 Kazakh nationals evacuated from Yemen to Moscow
The civil war that had been raging in Yemen for the past couple of years forced the Kazakh nationals and nationals of the Russian Federation to flee the country.
  18.07.2017 19:37
Ministry of Communications and Information to create the digitized base of the Kazakhstan books
"Now the package of Internet broadcasting is absolutely free and includes 24 Kazakhstan TV channels, and until the end of the year more than 100 foreign TV channels will provide services in broadcasting to Galam TV on available tariffs (below average market). Within development of the project the ministry also plans to create the digitized base of the Kazakhstan books, scientific publications and magazines, music, movies and other content," Dauren Abayev wrote.
  05.07.2017 19:55
Prerelease of the film "Spiderman: Returning Home" in the Kazakh language (VIDEO) was held in Almaty
A pre-premiere show of 21 Hollywood films in the Kazakh language dubbed by Bolashak students was held in Almaty, which was "Ormekshi Adam. Kaitha Oralu" at this time (Spiderman: Returning Home). The director of the Kazakh dubbing and the text editor of the film was Shah-Murat Ordabayev.
  05.07.2017 17:21
A new transport junction was commissioned in Almaty (VIDEO)
In Almaty traffic is opened at a new traffic junction at the intersection of Bokeikhanov Street and the North Circle. Previously the vehicle capacity in this area was 211 thousand cars per day, the construction of the facility allowed to increase this figure to 361 thousand cars, that is, by 70%.
  05.07.2017 14:53
Apartment to be presented to 18-million inhabitant of country
Governor of Almaty region Amandyk Batalov congratulated a family living in Taldykorgan on the birth of an 18-million inhabitant of Kazakhstan and announced that the young family will be presented with a three-room apartment.
  05.07.2017 09:02
A book about the President of Kazakhstan presented in Astana
Today the work of the Russian documentary writer and historian Nikolai Zenkovich about the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Book of the Great Life" was presented in Astana. The difference of the new publication from the previous ones in that it is intended for children of a senior school age.
  03.07.2017 17:41
Strong heat predicted in Kazakhstan, July 4-6
According to the weather forecasters, the anticyclone, which has shifted to Kazakhstan, caused hot and dry weather in most of the republic, except for the northern and northeastern portions with scattered rains and the air temperature below the climate normal.
  03.07.2017 13:14
Фото: chihuashki.ru
Pets are attached microchips free of charge in Almaty
Since July 1 in Almaty, citizens can implant the chip to their pet free of charge. It is done to define quantity of pets.
  26.06.2017 10:40
"Uly dala rukhy" ("Spirit of the Great Steppe") - the II International Festival took place in Almaty
Guests of the festival were able to admire the skills of professional Berkutchi (hunters riding with a golden eagle), fancy riding of horsemen and kokparists, the archers and warriors at the contests, play the national games, enjoy national dishes. Uly dala rukhy Festival has given an opportunity for all those who wish to get acquainted with the rich heritage of the Kazakhs and other Turkic peoples.
  22.06.2017 13:17
Policemen handed with cars in Kyzylorda region
The opening of the centre of stationary police was held in Kyzylorda region by the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstans Police.
  21.06.2017 17:50
Akim of Almaty city checked the progress of construction of the administrative center of Nauryzbai
This summer a number of social facilities will open their doors to visitors in Nauryzbai district of Almaty city: a school, polyclinic, Public Service Center, new building of the district office of internal affairs, and a post office.
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