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23 April 2018
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A new transport junction was commissioned in Almaty (VIDEO)05.07.2017
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Almaty. July 5. Kazakhstan Today - In Almaty traffic is opened at a new traffic junction at the intersection of Bokeikhanov Street and the North Circle. Previously the vehicle capacity in this area was 211 thousand cars per day, the construction of the facility allowed to increase this figure to 361 thousand cars, that is, by 70%. The new transport junction will reduce traffic congestion in Dorozhnik, Shanyrak and Uzhet microdistricts by 20%, Kazakhstan Today reports.

Despite the technological complexity of the project, the facility was put into operation six months ahead of schedule. The cost of the traffic junction, the construction of which began at the end of 2015, was approximately 8.6 billion tenge, the press service of the akim of the megapolis reported.

According to Akim of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baibek in the course of the past 10 years around 30 transport junctions have been introduced in the city, but international practice shows that the more infrastructure is being built for private cars, the more urban traffic increases.

"Today the city is carrying out a complex transport reform in order to increase the capacity of the small transport circle, three transport junctions are being built, while streets are being reconstructed in the center of the city with a priority for pedestrians. The preparation for the implementation of the LRT, BRT project is being introduced, new routes for vehicles are being introduced, bike stations are being installed, the green mass is expanding, etc. All this will improve the ecology of the city and make it more comfortable for life, "- said the mayor, instructing to produce landscaping adjacent to the new transport junction in the autumn planting season.

The akimat reminded that today the city is working on punching Furmanov Street to Zhansugurov Street with a ramp across the railway tracks, punching Khmelnitsky Street from Suyunbaia Avenue to the Zhas Kanat microdistrict, punching Abay Avenue from Auezov Street in the Kalkaman microdistrict to the city's border.

The construction of transport junctions at the intersection of Seifullin Avenue - Jansugurov Avenue, Ryskulov Avenue with Yemtsov Street and Kuldzhinsky Route, construction of roads in the neighborhoods of Kalkaman and Altyn Alash of Nauryzbaysky District with a length of 17,335 km, as well as in the micro districts of Algabas and Akbulak Alatau district with a length of 10.993 kilometers.

Simultaneously a number of streets with a priority for pedestrians are being reconstructed in Almaty. Until the end of this year, laying pavers, planting green plantations, installing small architectural forms, sports equipment, children's playgrounds, equipping bicycle paths, lighting the facades of buildings is planned on the streets of Panfilov, Zhibek zholy, Gogol, Kabanbai batyr, Astana square. None of the projects envisages the cutting or molding of existing plantations. To increase the shaded spaces, additional planting of tall trees is provided: birches, oaks, lindens and aspens, as well as over a thousand shrubs of different species.

Recalling the January 31, 2017 the message of the head of state "Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" noted the important role of infrastructure modernization.

"It is important not to forget that when investing in the construction of roads, houses and other infrastructure, we determine the physical and technological shape of our cities for many years to come. Therefore, it is important to ensure the transfer of new technologies both in construction and in the production of construction materials. Now there are good opportunities, "the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan emphasised.

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