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19 November 2018
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Cambridge University to translate and publish anthology of Kazakh literature10.07.2018
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In July 9, the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) held the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the National Commission for the implementation of the Rukhani zhangyru programme and the publishing house of Cambridge University for the project on translating, publishing and promoting an anthology of contemporary Kazakh literature into the English language.

As well known, translation of a collection of samples of contemporary Kazakhstan’s literature into 6 languages of the UN is being implemented as part of the project of Contemporary Kazakhstan’s Culture in the Global World. The project in turn is an integral part of the Rukhani zhangyru programme initiated by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The task of the project is to present to the modern world the achievements of literature, music, art, choreography, film and theatre over the years of independence.

Kazakhstan’s representative who signed the memorandum was Secretary of the National Commission for the implementation of the Rukhani zhangyru programme Aida Balayeva.

"We suppose that the support from the British Council, as well as cooperation with such a well-known organization as Cambridge University Press, its 500th experience and indisputable authority create the good basis for success of the project. It gives an opportunity to hope for a high quality of translation, as well as wide spread of the translations not only in Great Britain, but also in the English-speaking world as a whole. Such talks we hold on translating volumes into Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arab. The requirements for potential partners are high also. An emphasis is placed on the experience, authority and possibilities of publishing houses," said the speaker.

"We are glad to cooperate with Kazakhstan in such an important project of culture, and will make great efforts to familiarize readers of the English-speaking world with poetry and prose of Kazakhstan’s authors. Cambridge University Press expresses gratitude that it has had an opportunity to take part in the project," underlined Director Education Reform of Cambridge University Press Jane Mann.

About the project:

As part of the measures to implement the project of Contemporary Kazakhstan’s Culture in the Global world, which is one of the directions of the Rukhani Zhangyru programme, the work on translating and preparing to publish two anthologies of contemporary Kazakhstan’s literature is held. They are Anthology of Contemporary Kazakhstan’s Poetry and Anthology of Contemporary Kazakhstan’s Prose. The volume of each anthology is about 500 pages, each anthology will include world of 30 Kazakhstan’s authors. The structure and content of the anthologies were submitted at the special session of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan.

The strategic partner of the project on translating and publishing the anthologies in English is the British Council that provides expert support to the project. The key partner-publisher is the publishing house of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge University Press) that will hold an entire complex of works to revise sub-sources in terms of literature, pre-publication preparations, publication, dissemination, as well as presenting and promoting publications in English-speaking countries.

The work to form a pool of literary translators necessary to prepare sub-sources is held in order to hold literary revision of sub-sources and to reach an appropriate level of popular literature. The anthologies prepared on the base of Cambridge University Press are supposed to be spread in all states where the English language is an official language.

Source: BNews.kz

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