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21 June 2018
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Interview with artist from Kazakhstan Yuliya V Krylova, who currently lives and works in London07.09.2017
Society  17:44

Yuliya V Krylova works across few disciplines of painting, costume/fashion design, performance and installation. In the interview she talks about her art, plans, life in london, railway uniform designs and much more.

Kazakhstan Today: Yuliya, tell us about the name of your website thehouseofdreams.co.uk What does it mean to you?

Yuliya V Krylova: I like the idea of dreams being visually revealed and put on a canvas or in a performance space or any space for that matter - cyber space if you like. It creates an energy of elevated state or at least a connection to any human being seeing it, experiencing it.

Kazakhstan Today: So far your artwork/performances were presented in many European exhibitions. Tell us about some of them.

Yuliya V Krylova: One of the last performances I worked on was 'Nagare' with both dancers Eliza Soroga, Roxani Garefalaki and musician Takatsuna Mukai. It was a beautiful mix of polyphonic traditional singing method of Epirus with butoh dance and electric violin sound.

Note: Butoh originated in the late 50s in Japan and it became a new distinctive form of dance very quickly. At the time Japanese artists were influenced by european surrealism and american avant-gardism. Butoh has little connection to the traditional Japanese dance and theatre practice, like the Noh or Kabbuki, but it has many very unique japanese expressions. Butoh dancers usually do not use much jumping or spinning or fast paced movement; they use the sense of gravity which centred/directed towards ground. Butoh makes us face the uniqueness of each human being and its existence.

It is difficult to describe performances because they are meant to be seen and experienced. I could never do justice to it with words. I was the costume designer in this project.

Another performance which also was part of the art exhibition I was part of - Frida Khalo "Lust for Life". I have exhibited two self-portraits at this exhibition and created butoh performance "Creation of self" with dancers, Yuka Negoro and Angelina Kornecka. The performance, live happening, was inspired by Frida Khalo's painting, Two Fridas. Two dancers were performing side by side the story of one body, mind and soul. The challenge was to create an idea of one person through two completely different body experiences. This exhibition represented artists around the world who's artistic practice was inspired by work of Frida Khalo.

An art journalist Irene Kukota wrote a beautiful review for the performance for the Russian publication Theartnewspaper.

If I were to truly describe the most important exhibitions so far, I would say that exhibitions I had in Kazakhstan, years ago were the most important ones. I got the worst reviews in local

newspapers in Astana and Almaty! These exhibitions were very small scale, but for me, my family, friends they meant a lot. My mother collected poor reviews in local 'gazeta' and suggested that possibly I should not exhibit anymore.... (laughing)

Kazakhstan Today: We know, you we're engaged in developing the new uniform for the national railway company in Astana. Can you tell us more about the new details of the uniform.

Yuliya V Krylova: The new uniform is brighter in colour, more fitted, has less detail than before. Females have the scarf which has many stylised details relating to Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and its symbols.

Kazakhstan Today: You work across many disciplines, please tell us about them.

Yuliya V Krylova: I create, telling a story through visual, conceptual experiment. I work across disciplines of costume design, fashion design, installation and performance. I enjoy working with choreographers, dancers, film makers and theatre practitioners.

Kazakhstan Today: Which practice you prefer?

Yuliya V Krylova: I do not give any preference to anything specifically, partly because if I do something, it is important to me. I do things which have meaning and purpose to me.

Kazakhstan Today: When did you start painting?

Yuliya V Krylova: I started painting since I was 4 y.o. Я начала рисовать примерно лет с 4-х. I used to draw a lot of linear shaped movements. My very first tools were black and blue pens and simple A4 paper. I upgraded to drawing with markers and coloured pencils later on. When I was ready I started using ink and watercolours. My grandmother used to collect and keep safe all my paintings and drawings I have ever done.

Kazakhstan Today: Yuliya, who helped you believe in yourself and inspired you?

Yuliya V Krylova: One of the most important people in my life was the art teacher in primary school, Abramov Gennadi Federovich, who made me believe in myself and in what I create. He used to say that I have the best sense of colour and I believed him! He created many exhibitions with my work which he hung on walls, in school #28. My grandmother used to keep everything I created, every little drawing; she never wanted to throw away anything.

Kazakhstan Today: Can you describe your style of painting?

Yuliya V Krylova: I love mixing techniques and experimenting with different materials like wax, thread, acrylics, gouache, oil pastels. I do not thing I have a specific style. Possibly you can find influences of primitive art, surrealism in my works. I travel a lot and the path I chose usually influences a lot of what I create and how. I create and recreate though everything I do.

Kazakhstan Today: What dod you do before arriving in London?

Yuliya V Krylova: To put it short, I was working as a lawyer in Salans, Hertzfeldand Heilbronn, now known as Dentons.

Kazakhstan Today: What made you change your career path?

Yuliya V Krylova: There was never a question what the path should be but rather when I was ready to follow it. I never excelled being in comfort zone or got pleasure living in it for long, so with time I grew wings to fly, haha It is scary and exciting at the same time to be able to pursue the dream you might be the only one believing in.

Kazakhstan Today: How did you discover Butoh dance?

Yuliya V Krylova: My final MA show then I was finishing MAsters degree at the university of the arts london, was developed with well-known Butoh teacher and choreographer Marie-Gabrielle Rotie. After this project I have developed interest and passion for working and collaborating with Butoh performers.

Kazakhstan Today: Why costume design for performance?

Yuliya: When I collaborate as a costume designer, I try to create/tell a story though a shape. The shape I create dictates and guides the content of the story. Shape of the costume can direct, restrict and liberate movements of a performer and with that create a scenography of a different kind. Through costume design I can affect a concept, scenography and choreography of a performance which is exciting.

Kazakhstan Today: Tell us about your life in London? That do you like, dislike? Are you planing on coming back to Kazakhstan?

Yuliya V Krylova: I enjoy creative buzz of London. It is a hive of artistic energy which is changing every day:) At the moment I am planning to bring an exhibition together with the curator and close friend, Zhanna Aman, to Kazakhstan. It will be an interesting experience to exhibit again in my home country after a long journey away. I am looking forward to it.

Kazakhstan Today: Who or what influences your art?

Yuliya V Krylova: Creating art is a way of living. It is like breathing. So, it is not easy to answer.... people I meet, nature I see, everything around me which I come in contact with influence me one way or the other.

Kazakhstan Today: Tell us about your artistic plans?

Yuliya V Krylova: I would like to create performances in Kazakhstan and introduce button practice in this part of the world. Collaborating with local artists might be something I would be looking to do in Kazakhstan. After my last journey to Japan, I am now working on creating a body of work about my trip and experiences.

Kazakhstan Today: Yuliya, what is art to you?

Yuliya V Krylova: Are allows to transform human experiences through unique energy. I wish to create and share my experiences which are unique to me with everyone else willing to make them collective. Art can create strong connections between humans through geographies, spaces and times which are in constant cycle of transformation.

Works of Yuliya V Krylova


FOCUS LDN, winter exhibition, Menier Gallery, London, December 2016 Human Nature, Espacio Gallery, London, October, 2016

Merge, Vin + Omi @ Sanderson Hotel, London, October 2016 Frida Khalo - Lust for Life, Menier Gallery, London, August 2016 The Art of Regeneration, Menier Gallery, London, April 2016

THE CYCLE - ATOM, Westminster Library, London January 2016 Forces of Nature, Menier gallery, London, August 2015 Maverickexpo, BargeHouse OXOtower, London, December 2015 Drawing and the Body, KG52 Gallery, Stockholm, April 2011

Performances (recent collaborations)

Nagare, with Eliza Soroga and Roxani Garefalaki, March 2017

Hands on Perspective, with Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Tate Britain, February 2017

Pass on, directed by Freddie Opoku-Addaie, North Woolwich Art Festival, September, 2016

Creation of Self, Butoh performance, Frida Khalo - Lust for life, Menier Gallery, August 2016

The Cycle - Atom, Butoh improvisation with Angelina Korencka and Yuka Negoro, Jan 2016

The Sea Knows, White Conduit Projects, March 2016

The O Cycle, costume improvisation with Angelina Kornecka, August 2015

The Path, devised performance with Yuka Negoro for Impfest Festival, November 2015

Lights of Life, with Sima Vassilieva and Sonia Roshal Fedorova, Berlin, November 2015

Heir to the Throne, comedy co-directed with Roderick Jaynes, Etceteratheatre, Camden

Leda's Womb, Butoh performance with Mari Gabrielle Rotie, the National Gallery, June 2013

The Anatomy of Architecture, with Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Kiril Brulov, Nick Parkin, June 2013

Interviewed by journalist Nataliya Shirinskih

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