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24 January 2019
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More than 75% of car owners complained about aggressive drivers in Almaty and Astana12.06.2018
Society  21:54

Over the last months, more than 75% of Almaty and Astana car drivers have faced aggressive behaviour on roads, and 49% of them were victims of dangerous driving, IC Kompetenz reports.

The survey was conducted by the use of a profound interview under the condition of full anonymity of the respondents, therefore one can talk about the credibility of the information gained. More than 1482 car owners of Almaty and Astana at the age of from 18 to 72 took part. The participants of the survey are proposed to answer whether they have met aggressive driving, whether they have been victims of drivers’ actions, whether they have exceeded the speed limit over the last three months, whether they have affected on other car owners by changing from the main beam headlamps and dipped beam headlamps or have able to offend other drivers.

Following the results of the research, it was revealed that more than 75% of car drivers of Almaty and Astana faced aggressive behaviour on roads over the last several months. For instance, 66% of respondents of the USA, 65% - in the Russian Federation and 48% - in the European Union as a whole face such a problem. Unfortunately, that of Kazakhstan is higher.

Source: BNews.kz

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