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19 June 2018
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Prerelease of the film "Spiderman: Returning Home" in the Kazakh language (VIDEO) was held in Almaty05.07.2017
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Almaty. July 5. Kazakhstan Today - A pre-premiere show of 21 Hollywood films in the Kazakh language dubbed by Bolashak students was held in Almaty, which was "Ormekshi Adam. Kaitha Oralu" at this time (Spiderman: Returning Home). The director of the Kazakh dubbing and the text editor of the film was Shah-Murat Ordabayev. Zangar Abenov, Asylbek Kapayev, Sayya Tokmangaliyeva, Nurken Oteulov, Ainur Bermukhambetova and others presented their voices to the main characters, Kazakhstan Today reports.

Before the show, the organizers presented the audience a film about how it all began and how Kazakh became one of the 39 official languages of the Disney studio, the press service of Almaty akim reports.

"A rigorous selection took place, after which we wrote down a small piece of voice and sent all the sound recordings to the Disney studio, where decisions were made about which actor to approve for this or that role." The voices were considered whether they fit or not to one or another character. When Walt Disney awarded a diploma for the best dubbing of the character of Matra from "Cars-2", selecting 32 candidates, they recognized the dubbing in Kazakh as the best, "- said the actor of dubbing Azamat Kanapiya.

Kazakh also became the seventh language of Sony Pictures and entered the seven major languages of Hollywood movies, available for viewing on DVD, Blu-Ray around the world. Currently, the films are also broadcast on the republican channels, they can be downloaded in iTunes and on the aircraft of the company Air Astana. Today, two domestic companies have received a license to duplicate the films of the company Walt Disney, and 150 creative and technical specialists have been trained in dubbing films according to studio standards.

The press service noted that the project in 2011 was highly appreciated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, and was also awarded the prize of the Union of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan "For Contribution to the Cinematography of Kazakhstan". Films duplicated by Bolashakis in the Kazakh language became a national product of Kazakhstan and recommended as an educational resource in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of the Republic of Kazakhstan library. Due to high-quality dubbing, a foreign cinema fund is being created in the Kazakh language, and children can watch the best world films in their native language.

Recalling June 15, 2017 in Almaty, the prerelease of a duplicated to the Kazakh language animated film "Kolikter-3" ("Cars-3"), which has become the twentieth film in the last six years, transferred by the scholarship fund of the presidential program "Bolashak".

According to the Almaty akimat beginning with the previous part of the cartoon "Kolikter-2" that in 2011 a project started on dubbing Hollywood films into the Kazakh language.

We would like to remind you that in order to popularize the state language and assist in the implementation of the objectives of the State Program for the Functioning and Development of Languages for 2011-2020, the Bolashak corporate foundation, together with the Meloman company, is implementing a project to dub Hollywood films to the Kazakh language. The film dubbing project is social and does not pursue commercial goals.

Let us note that in the article of the head of state "Glance into the future: modernization of public consciousness" dated April 12, 2017 it is emphasized that "no modernization can take place without preserving the national culture."

One of such culture elements is, unquestionably, the Kazakh language. In the article the President of the RK instructed to translate into the Kazakh language the 100 best world textbooks.

"Our social and humanitarian knowledge has been conserved for many years in the framework of one teaching and within one glance at the world. The issue of 100 best textbooks of the world in the Kazakh language will give effect in 5-6 years. It is necessary to take all the most modern and have translations for the state Kazakh Language, and this is the task of the state, "the article says.

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