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19 January 2019
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Up to 4 thousand Kazakhstan civil servants speak foreign languages13.04.2018
Society  22:21

In Kazakhstan, the number of civil servants who speak foreign languages is increasing, Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aigul Shaimova said during a press conference in the Central Communications Service.

"The civil service of our state is characterized by the fact that there are more people who speak foreign languages, and today we have more than 4,000 civil servants who know foreign languages," she said.

Also, according to her, the quality of civil servants has improved qualitatively.

"If we look at 1993, then about 70% of people with higher education worked in the Ministries, while in the village they were only 50%. Now, 92% have higher education. At the central level, all state employees have higher education. At the same time to ensure the principle of meritocracy at the rural level, we are given the opportunity to take on grass-roots positions with a secondary vocational education, due to this the figure of 92% occurs," she said.

Aigul Shaimova stressed that the average age of a Kazakhstan civil servant today is 39 years, whereas in 1991 at the dawn of independence it was 44 years old.

"The 91-year indicator is the current indicator of OECD countries, where 42% of civil servants are just over 40," she said.

In addition, as Shaimova said, 55% of women work in the civil service today, whereas, for example, in Spain, Italy or Belgium, women occupy 50% of all positions in the civil service.

"If we reflect, then mentally, it always seemed to us that there are more women in the civil service, but the facts indicate otherwise," she said.

Source: BNews.kz

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