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18 November 2018
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  13.11.2018 21:16
Zhansaya Abdumalik reaches quarterfinals of Women's World Chess Championship
Kazakhstan's Zhansaya Abdumalik has extended her current win streak at the 2018 FIDE Women's World Chess Championship hosted by Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  02.11.2018 20:02
S. Korean delegation departs for sports talks with N. Korea
A South Korean delegation departed for sports talks with North Korea on Friday to discuss ways to cooperate on future Olympic Games.
  22.10.2018 20:23
Kazakh team among top-3 following World Judo Championships
Kazakhstan's judo team won over the teams from Germany and France but were defeated by Brazil.
  08.10.2018 19:52
Kazakhstani boxers' IBO rankings went public with Golovkin ranking 1st
The rankings include positions of the strongest Kazakhstani boxers.
  05.10.2018 20:20
GGG talks on his plans, career and development of boxing in Kazakhstan
Gennady Golovkin arrived in Almaty and took part in a press conference during which he answered questions that matter journalists.
  28.09.2018 19:37
Volunteers' intake for Tokyo Olympiad kicked off
Totally it is planned to select 80 thousand volunteers.
  25.09.2018 20:49
Golovkin - 'Canelo' rematch's ticket sale revenue goes public
T-Modile Arena's revenue made up 23 473 500 dollars.
  21.09.2018 21:19
We learned the cost of Gennady's all victories - Kazakh Information Minister on GGG-'Canelo' rematch
The last bout between Golovkin and Alvarez will enter 'Golden Collection' of the world boxing, according to the Minister.
  06.09.2018 19:53
Andrey Arshavin recognized as the best player at Kazakh Premier League
Dmitry Ogai, football manager of FC Zhetysu, and trainer of FC Atyrau Viktor Kumykov were recognized as the best trainers.
  03.09.2018 19:48
Kazakhstan's national team won 76 medals in 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia
The 2018 Asian Games came to an end in September 2 in Indonesia.
  28.08.2018 19:06
We fought till the end: Kazakh gymnasts won 'gold' at 2018 Asian Games
The athletes were the best in team competitions.
  23.08.2018 20:45
Kazakhstan's national team wins 18 medals at 2018 Asian Games
Kazakhstan ranks 12th in the table of medals.
  27.07.2018 22:05
Kazakhstan wins gold at int'l shooting championship in Italy
Kazakhstan's sportsmen vie for the top honors at two international shooting championships underway in Italy's Todi that will last until July 30.
  25.07.2018 19:34
Record number of fans attended Astana Midtjylland match
23 000 viewers came to see the game live.
  20.07.2018 14:51
World figure skating stars sad at Denis Ten
His colleagues underline Kazakhstan's figure skater was the only best.
  18.07.2018 17:30
Yandex reveals number one FIFA World Cup's player by Kazakhstanis
The name of the most popular football player is Cristiano Ronaldo.
  17.07.2018 17:04
Above 10 thousand fans visited 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup
Totally over 3 million viewers watched Mundial's games at Russian stadiums.
  17.07.2018 17:00
New tennis centre to be built in Astana
The worth of the projects construction is approximately 3 billion tenge.
  16.07.2018 16:01
Kazakhstan sweeps 14 gold at Asian Jiu -Jitsu Championship
Kazakhstan's team clinched 14 gold, 24 silver and 23 bronze medals at the Asian Jiu -Jitsu Championship, held in Aktau.
  12.07.2018 19:38
FC Astana beat Montenegro's team in UEFA Champions League
A return match between the two teams will be in Montenegro in a week.
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