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19 February 2017
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  16.02.2017 13:02
Minister of Culture and Sports publishes results of doping tests of Kazakhstan biathlonists in Austria
Kazakhstan Minister of culture and sport Muhamediuly Arystanbek published in his Facebook account the results of the doping tests of Kazakhstan biathlonists in World Championship in Austria.
  14.02.2017 17:49
Kazakhstan athletes do not use doping- Kazakhstan Minister of Culture and Sports
"It's a technical fault. We dare not to blame the Austrian side, it is a technical fault. This is a lesson for us, so our doctors have to be more attentive to their duties," the Minister said.
  10.02.2017 15:30
Doctor is accused in search of Kazakhstan biathlon team in Austria
The situation with Biathlon World Championships we can say that this is the negligence of our doctor, there are certain requirements. You know that in addition to prohibited, there are non-prohibited drugs. Our athletes need recover of their health, sometimes they get sick and those non-prohibited drugs of the world anti-doping organization together with doctors are used, I. Kanagatov said.
  07.02.2017 21:30
Korean short track speed skating team won the relay race
In the end, Korean athletes won, while China came second. Athletes from Kazakhstan were third, having outran their Japanese rivals.
  07.02.2017 18:47
The final set of medals was contested at the Alatau Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon Complex.
The result of the race was determined by speed. Jouty managed to outrun Pantov and secured the victory. Yeryomin also overtook Pantov and came second. Pantov won the bronze medal as a result.
  07.02.2017 13:32
Galina Vishnevskaya from Kazakhstan became a two-time champion of the Universiade in biathlon
The competitors of Vishnevskaya were not as successful in shooting. After a string of misses, athletes from Russia and Ukraine competed for the second and the third place.
  06.02.2017 17:46
Kim Do Kyoum won another gold for Korea in short track speed skating
On Monday, the second set of medals was awarded for winners of the 500m short track speed skating competition. The final lap was exhilarating and finished with an unexpected result. Two athletes from Kazakhstan managed to make it to the final and competed with Korean athletes.
  06.02.2017 15:19
The Russians are not afraid of mice
Cross-country skiing. Women. 3-5 km relay.
  01.02.2017 20:45
Marina Zuyeva, a biathlon athlete from Belarus, became a champion in women 3000m competition
On Wednesday one of two medals sets were contested in women 3000m speed skating competition. 32 speed skaters were in the start list. But many experts marked Marina Zyeva, 24 years old, from Belarus as a favorite.
  31.01.2017 16:57
New medal winners emerged during the second competition day at the 2017 Universiade
The medals for the 2017 Games were made with colored enamel at the Kazakh Mint. The logos of the Universiade and FISU as well as the name of the games and their location are featured on the ribbons attached to these medals.
  31.01.2017 15:51
Kazakh freestyle jumpers won mixed team aerials
The event was held in a foggy weather. It had been snowing since the morning and the organizers had to delay the qualification round. Fortunately, the weather improved toward the final stage and it snowed less heavily.
  31.01.2017 13:53
The first of medals at Medeu has been awarded
Kachurkina from Russia showed the best results. Nana Takahashi (Japan) came second, while Yekaterina Aidova, the leader of the Kazakhstani team, took the bronze medal.
  31.01.2017 12:49
Alina Raikova became a twice champion in biathlon of the Universiade-2017
As result Alina Raikova showered the best time and became the one participants to run the race for less than one hour - 59 min 48 sec. Galina Vishnevskaya came the second and Nadia Belkina from Ukraine got a bronze medal.
  30.01.2017 15:13
Chinese womens aerial skiing team win at the 2017-Universiade
A regular meeting of the Coordinating Council for Cooperation with International Financial Institution (IFI) chaired by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev was held at Government House (Ukimet Uiy) today.
  30.01.2017 13:13
The first set of medals has been contested by women at the Almaty Universiade
During the race the Russian runner was 5 seconds behind the Kazakh runner but ultimately was able to win it. As a result, Anna Shevchenko from Kazakhstan ended up with the bronze medal after conceding 2 seconds to the silver medalist, Anna Nechaevskaya.
  27.01.2017 10:02
The Flags of Ukraine and Canada were Hoisted at the Athletes' Village
Then flags of the two countries were hoisted to the melody of the students' hymn Gaudeaumus. The official part was wrapped up with the photo-taking of all the ceremony's attendees.
  25.01.2017 17:24
Niyazymbetov new captain of RoK boxing team
The Kazakhstan national boxing team and trainer staff have chosen the captain. The title was given to two-time silver winner of the Olympic Games Adilbek Niyazymbetov, said the press service of Kazakhstan's Boxing Federation.
  23.01.2017 21:12
Universiade participants start checking in into Athletes Village in Almaty
While greeting the participants, mayor of the Athletes' Village and 2012 Olympic champion boxer Serik Sapiyev stressed that relatively small size of the village will allow all service agencies to do their work quickly. They will do their best to ensure that Universiade participants have the most comfortable conditions and have the fondest memories of the event.
  19.01.2017 21:59
Kazakhstan Alpine Skiing, Freestyle and Snowboarding Cup takes place in Almaty
The Universiade will be held in Almaty from January 29 to February 8, 2017. 2,000 athletes from 58 countries will compete for 543 medals in 12 types of sports. 3,000 volunteers are involved in the organization of the event.

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