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23 June 2018
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international affairs  22.06.2018 19:59
Two Kazakhstan women to leave for UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon
One of the reforms of the United Nations is to increase the number of women among peacekeepers.
society  22.06.2018 19:53
Kazakhstan's film director detained in Iran
Director, documentary filmmaker Kanat Baisekeyev intends to shoot a film about Kazakhs in Iran.
incidents  22.06.2018 19:50
Kazakhstan citizens sentenced in Brazil can be extradited to homeland
In total, four Kazakhstan natives are in prison in Brazil.
international affairs  22.06.2018 19:46
Kazakhstan, Iceland eye tourism, sport coop in Reykjavik
On 17th June, Mr Erlan Idrissov, non-resident Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iceland visited Reykjavik, where he took part in state events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Icelandic independence.
economy  22.06.2018 19:43
Kazakhstan's salt exports up 27%
The volume of Kazakhstan's salt exports for the past January-March grew by 27% as compared to the analogous period of the previous year.
society  22.06.2018 19:39
Pollutants from agriculture a serious threat to world's water
Water pollution from unsustainable agricultural practices poses a serious risk to human health and the planet's ecosystems, a problem often underestimated by policymakers and farmers alike, cautions a new report.
international affairs  22.06.2018 19:34
London police arrest man with suspected bomb in underground station
A man who claimed to be carrying an explosive device at Charing Cross underground station in central London has been arrested.
society  21.06.2018 21:50
Universal hand prosthesis designed by Kazakhstan's students
The authors became the finalists of the republican robotics competition.
society  21.06.2018 21:48
Kazakh PM heard reports of ministers on transition of Kazakh to Latin graphics
The officials reported that a schedule of the calendar plan for development of the orthography of the Kazakh language and the main provisions of orthographic rules had been prepared.
economy  21.06.2018 21:42
Opinion: Kazakhstan citizens prefer taking loans in large banks
8 main second-tier banks of Kazakhstan offer loans without commission, deposits and other limitations.
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Британии официально припомнили государственные преступления
В Москве 19 апреля 2018 года были официально преданы гласности преступления, совершенные Великобританией в отношении народов и стран, подвергшихся захвату и ставших ее колониями.
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