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22 August 2018
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society  20.08.2018 20:21
'If earlier it was heroin, now it is salt for taking a bath' experts on widely spread drugs in Almaty
Salt for taking a bath includes syntatic amphetamines.
society  20.08.2018 20:05
One fourth of those sentenced in first half year received prison sentences - Kazakh Chairman of Supreme Court
The Kazakh head of state was reported on the activity of the justice system for the first half year of 2018.
society  20.08.2018 20:01
Each day about 12 Almaty citizens address to heal their relatives from alcohol and drug abuse - doctor
Almost 6200 Almaty citizens undergoes compolsary tratment on the basis of the court's decision from six months to two years.
society  20.08.2018 19:57
US experts offer to prolong swimming season on Alakol
Representatives of company on the order of the Ministry of Culture and Sport work on a project of touristic regions’ development.
international affairs  20.08.2018 19:54
Moscow to admire by Kazakhstan's military equipment at Army - 2018 int'l forum
The International Military Technical Forum will be held at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow region.
economy  20.08.2018 19:50
Funds transfers in Kazakhstan go up - analysis
Most of transfers were made from Russia.
society  20.08.2018 19:47
Supreme Mufti congratulates Kazakhstan citizens on Eid al-Adha
The first day of Eid al-Adha falls on Tuesday August 21.
society  17.08.2018 20:12
Kazakhstan to develop new housing program
"Kazakhstan's Mortgage Company develops a new housing program," its deputy CEO Aisultan Akchurin told a press conference in Almaty Friday.
international affairs  17.08.2018 20:09
Sea or lake: expert clarifies Caspian Sea's legal status
Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zulfiya Amanzholova has clarified the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea in terms of the geographical definition of the reservoir.
international affairs  17.08.2018 20:06
Economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Belgium discussed in Brussels
This week, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Belgium Aigul Kuspan met with Chief Executive Officer of the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) Pascale Delcomminette.
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Британии официально припомнили государственные преступления
В Москве 19 апреля 2018 года были официально преданы гласности преступления, совершенные Великобританией в отношении народов и стран, подвергшихся захвату и ставших ее колониями.
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