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Almaty makes nearly a quarter of Kazakhstan's economy: mayor

10.08.2018 4233
Almaty's economic potential makes the city a regional magnet, said Mayor Bauyrzhan Baibek.

Presently, Almaty shapes 23% of the economy of Kazakhstan by collecting a third of all taxes of the country. Almost all central offices of Kazakhstani banks, 43% of Kazakhstan's joint ventures, and more than 60 international organizations and institutions are located in the city. Can you imagine the scale?" Bauyrzhan Baibek told a meeting of the city's Community Council.

He also mentioned that 60% of the wholesale and 40% of the retail trade of the country is carried out in the city.

All this makes Almaty a ‘regional magnet'. People come here to earn money, study, open businesses, and have a rest. There is a continuously rising migration pressure. About 15% of Kazakhstan's population is involved in the local economy," the mayor of Almaty said.

The mayor pointed out that the City Hall works openly and transparently and relies on the citizens.

In the furtherance of the Five Social Initiatives, we have held a course for building the citizens' trust so that to change the city together. For instance, the Open Almaty public reception office is effectively operating, and we also work through our pages on social media such as Instagram. The Prosecutor's Office opened the Center for Law Enforcement Services with the support from the City Hall. Nowadays, cooperatives of apartment owners, schools, hospitals publish financial statements. Openness and transparency are a must to build trust in the authorities and, primarily, the police. The Kazakh leader has always said this," added Bauyrzhan Baibek.

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