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Measures to curb price increases - a factor of public safety

Measures to curb price increases - a factor of public safety
At the Round table in the Central Communications Service, the Chairman of the Trade Committee Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aidar Abildabekov spoke about the mechanisms of price regulation in order to maintain the availability of basic food for the population, press service of the Ministry of Trade and Integration reports.

The Trade Committee was established in the structure of MIT in January last year to monitor prices and coordinate the activities of government agencies in order to prevent uncontrolled price increases for basic foodstuffs.

The Committee's actions are mainly focused on preventing a shortage of basic products in the domestic market and supporting domestic producers.

The Committee constantly analyzes the pricing chains in order to identify and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries; regular working trips to the regions are carried out on the issues of the smooth functioning of greenhouses, the purchase of rice, the creation of reserve stocks of onions, potatoes, early vegetables.

To curb the growth of prices for socially important food products, a Roadmap of 17 measures has been approved, which include, in particular, the revision and updating of data on vegetable storages; the inclusion of early vegetables in the list of priority crops; amendments to the NPA banning the issuance of phytosanitary certificates immediately after the adoption of the protocol decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; support for the development of modern trade formats and others.

These measures made it possible to establish control over the filling of the basic food basket of Kazakhstanis throughout the chain - from the field to storage, delivery to retail chains and sale to the end consumer and create a commodity balance in which the provision of essential products is a completely transparent process that allows you to make decisions quickly to protect the domestic market.

The MIT Trade Committee is working to ensure that cash receipts at retail outlets are of the same sample throughout the country. According to the chairman of the Committee, now checks and names of goods are prescribed differently. "You all go to the shops and see that there is a general price, there is a name of a retail chain. The most interesting thing is that each retail chain has different names. Someone will have written "milk", someone will have "milk of 29% fat content", someone will have "sut", someone will have "mlk" or "mol". The cash receipts that are printed by the operators of fiscal data, we will screen them, look at them, we can't look at everything perfectly. We are working to ensure that all retail outlets have uniform standards, a single cash receipt. And then we will electronically see the entire dynamics of decline or increase. We will see it clearly in the mirror," Aidar Abildabekov said.

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