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Commentary: China favors cooperation to address trade issues, with principles

21.05.2019, 18:44 7021
Commentary: China favors cooperation to address trade issues, with principles
Photo taken on April 30,2019 shows workers are producing cellphone cameras at Xinpu Industry Park in Lianyungang city, east China's Jiangsu province. Photo: People's Daily Online
Cooperation leads to win-win results while confrontation leads to lose-lose situations. For China and the US, cooperation is the only right choice and only win-win solutions will guide the two countries toward a better future.
Placing high importance on the trade talks with the US, China has always been engaged in the process with utmost sincerity in hope of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement with the US based on mutual treatment and mutual respect.
The US side, however, always went back on its words and exerted extreme high pressure on China through levying additional tariffs on Chinese products. Such conducts have cast shadow on China-US trade talks and hindered the negotiations from reaching any consensus. The US should take full responsibility for escalating the trade frictions.
China's sincerity and kindness to push forward trade talks since last year have been seen by all. As the Chinese economy and the US economy are deeply integrated, imposing additional tariffs will harm the interests of not only the Chinese people, but also the people in the US and the rest of the world.
The world hopes to see the economic and trade issues properly addressed, while the US is running counter to it.
Cooperation is the best option for both sides but there are principles for cooperation. China will not make concessions on issues of major concerns, and is resolute in defending its national core interests and the fundamental interests of its people. The country will not lose its dignity, nor will it allow its core interests to be damaged by any party.
China is always open for negotiations and believes that it shares a wide range of common interests and a broad space for cooperation with the US. It believes that the two countries should seek common ground while putting aside differences and pursue win-win outcomes through cooperation, a principle which enjoys strong public support.
The US side should meet China halfway, and solve existing issues in a rational and pragmatic approach, so that the China-US economic and trade relations could deliver more benefits to the two peoples and the people of the world.
Diversity exists in the world and so do divergences. The past 40 years since the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations has proved that cooperation, which serves the fundamental interests of both sides, cannot be changed by a certain group of people, and to protect bilateral relations is for the good of the welfare for both sides and the world at large.

As long as we observe the principles of mutual respect and equality, shelve differences to seek consensus, and try to resolve them through expanding common ground, we will be able to overcome difficulties and obstacles, and prevent major disruptions in bilateral relations," Chinese President Xi Jinping once said.                

China holds a clear stance on economic and trade frictions that there is no winner in a trade war and China doesn't hope to have a trade war, but is never afraid of one. 
Statistics indicated that the Chinese economy is growing on a steady basis. In the first three months of the year, China's GDP increased by 6.4 percent, with the growth of high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service sectors standing at 11.4 percent and 19.3 percent, respectively.
Domestic demand has become a major force for growth. Last year, about 76.2 percent of GDP growth was created by consumption. With a complete industrial system, increasingly enhanced capability of scientific innovation, the largest group of middle-income earners, and the world's largest market with nearly 1.4 billion people, China has enough resilience, potential and space to maneuver while developing its economy.
Practice proved that the more complicated and severe the situation is turning, the more united China should stay around the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, China is bound to cope with all kinds of risks and challenges and conquer difficulties by maintaining strategic composure, enhancing confidence, and focusing on its own affairs.
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