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Two Kazakhstan women to leave for UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon

22.06.2018, 19:59 3382
Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping regiment will send peacekeeping squadrons of 120 people to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon mission as a part of the Indian contingent.

One of the UN reforms that corresponds to one of the requirements and goals of the UN is to increase the number of women observer officers. We also work on this direction, and our two ladies are trained and ready to leave to perform a mission. They correspond to all the requirements and are ready to leave," said Deputy Defense Minister Talgat Mukhtarov.

He also noted that to increase the number of military observers and staff officers to 40 people, who will be able to take part in UN missions in the Middle East, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Lebanon and Western Sahara is being considered.

In 2000 Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping battalion was established, which in the present year has been reorganized into a regiment. To date, Kazakhstan’s regiment is trained in accordance with all UN standards and is compatible with the forces and means of contingents of Armed Forces of other states taking part in UN missions," said Mukhtarov.

According to him, militants of the Kazakhstan’s regiment know several foreign languages, they are English, Turkish, Arab, German, they are trained on the base of training partnership centres. Theoretical and practical training is conducted by passing the courses, seminars and trainings held in Kazakhstan, as well as in the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Germany and Finland.

Our militants received practical experience by taking part in peacekeeping operations of the UN. In the period from 2003 to 2008, Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers cleared explosive objects, water, and provided medical care to the local people in Iraq. As part of the mission, 290 Kazakhstan’s militants took part who over this period had destroyed 4.5 million mines and other explosive substances," said Mukhtarov.

He noted that Kazakhstan’s militants will be tasked to monitor and observe, to hold talks and mediate and interact with representatives of international organizations.

Staff officers perform the tasks to plan, command and control the military contingent that takes part in the mission. As a rule, they can serve in staffs of the subdivision, sector or mission in a multinational environment. At the present time, five Kazakhstan’s officers continue serving in Western Sahara," he said.

Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers will take part in five peacekeeping operations – in the Middle East; in UN Armed Forces in Cyprus; in a group of military observers of the UN in India and Pakistan; in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon; in the UN mission for the referendum in Western Sahara.

To send our squadron, a UN mission in Lebanon has been defined. And military observers and staff officers will take part in all above-mentioned five missions. Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers will serve in a peacekeeping battalion of India that has been operating there since 1978," said Mukhtarov.

Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping squadron should arrive in Lebanon in 2018.

Source: BNews.kz

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