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Aida Balaeva: Our main task is to protect the interests of journalists

27.02.2021 22816
Aida Balaeva: Our main task is to protect the interests of journalists
In an interview with Inbusiness.kz, Minister of Information and Social Development Aida Balayeva announced the development of a new law on communications, and also compared how journalists and bloggers work in today's conditions, Inform.kz reports.

“Today we see that even an ordinary blogger is a carrier of information and can form public opinion. But I, as a minister, will always support only professional journalism, because a professional journalist is responsible for information,” said Aida Balaeva in an interview.

According to her, a blogger today can quickly post this or that information, but does not bear any responsibility.

A professional journalist loses in time. Because he must check the information for reliability, substantiate, make a full-fledged material. And a blogger does not pursue such a task. Therefore, it is important that everyone is responsible for the information that is posted. We are taking legislative measures. We have prepared a concept for a new law on communications, which will expand the conceptual framework, that is, we have given definitions of who a blogger is and what social networks are," the minister said.

Our task is for the information to be reliable and useful. It is important that we contribute to the exposure of fakes, which contributes to stability in society (...). But in any case, audience will seek confirmation from a professional journalist. I think the role of professional journalism will grow, and we will contribute to this", - said A. Balaeva.

The Minister answered the question of how to retain qualified journalistic personnel.

Now a lot of questions are being raised about the status of journalists. And that bill (on the means of communication - author's note) that we are developing, touches on these points; we already have a vision. We want to raise the status of a journalist. A journalist should have preferences and incentives to stay in the field and grow professionally. Our main task is to protect the interests of journalists," A. Balaeva said.

Source: Kazpravda.kz

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