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Atlantic Council expert tells about Nursultan Nazarbayev's role in establishing independent Kazakhstan

21.12.2018 4297

The balanced and multi-vector foreign-policy approaches maintained by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan have become the key to the successful development of the country, Ariel Cohen, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, answering the question about Nursultan Nazarbayev's role in the making of independent Kazakhstan.

"Over the last 25 plus years, Kazakhstan benefited from the multivector policy by attracting foreign investment. First, the oil and gas investment and then the infrastructure investment initially coming from the West: the United States and Europe, then from the Arab countries, China, Russia and others. So this was the beneficial policy that maintains Kazakhstan's sovereignty," Ariel Cohen said.

"The closure of Semipalatinsk was a major step in rethinking disarmament, ending the excesses of Cold War and bringing a more peaceful life to Kazakhstan and to the people of former the Soviet Union".

"The Semipalatinsk testing ground caused a lot of damage to health, to the environment of Kazakhstan and the people of Kazakhstan. So this was the major step forward and President Nazarbayev's work in nuclear disarmament is extremely valuable and important for everybody," Mr. Cohen believes.

"Nation building is an extremely challenging and difficult task," Atlantic Council's Senior Fellow said, reminding of the present-day interethnic and interfaith conflicts in several countries of the world.

He also dwelt on the Kazakh President's call to "moving the alphabet back to the Latin alphabet," and to strengthen the state language, which, in his opinion, is part of the complex process of creating a single nation of Kazakhstan.

"And also moving to the trilingual education, which is very important to educate Kazakhstan, children and next generations to be more involved and engaged in international business, culture, science, and technology. So these are the main achievements of the national policy and under President Nazarbayev," the expert concluded.

Source: Kazinform News Agency

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