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How much money to be spent on elections of rural akims in Kazakhstan

24.06.2021 24706
It is planned to allocate 4.7 billion tenge from the republican budget for elections of akims of towns of regional significance and rural districts. CEC secretary Sabila Mustafina announced this at the meeting.

On May 24, 2021, the President signed the law "On the republican budget for 2021-2023", which provides funds for organizing and conducting direct elections of akims of towns of regional significance, villages, and settlements of rural district. In this law, the CEC provides for expenses for provision and conduct of elections of akims in the amount of 4.7 billion tenge by the end of the year, taking into account the possible holding of early elections of akims," Mustafina informed.

She explained that the approximate cost estimate is based on basic costs, namely, the salaries of members of election commissions, which usually account for almost 80% of the total cost estimates, as well as publications in the media, printing and other products. The amount stipulated from the budget also includes the rent of transport, communication services, travel expenses, the purchase of office supplies, as well as personal protective equipment for all members of the election commission.
Sabila Mustafina also informed how much funds were allocated for each candidate.

In accordance with Article 28 of the Constitutional Law "On Elections", the state guarantees candidates equal allocation of funds and volumes for speaking with their programs in the media: live or recording on television - up to 15 minutes, on radio - 10 minutes, for publication in periodicals or online publications - two articles, no more than 0.1 printed sheet. The amount of expenses for speaking in the media, holding public election events and issuing campaign materials, transportation costs are determined by the relevant regional election commission, in connection with which candidate expenses are provided for pre-election campaigning at the rate of 220 thousand tenge per candidate for akims of villages, townships, rural districts, 230 thousand tenge - for a candidate for akims of a town of regional significance. The difference in costs is due to payment of premises", - said the CEC secretary.

The speaker added that the law drafters did not provide for the formation of electoral funds of candidates.

In the future, funds will be distributed between 14 regions through the accounts of local executive bodies in accordance with the financing plan. In early July 2021, funding will already be opened for holding a certain number of elections. In turn, regional territorial commissions will distribute these funds only for those districts where elections of rural akims are planned. All calculations at the territorial commissions correspond to the number of elections that will take place," Mustafina concluded.

Source: Kazpravda
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