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Kazakhstan to be force for stability in Central Asian region - US Senator

08.08.2008, 14:50 2411

Almaty. August 8. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan will be a force for stability in Central Asian region. The US Senator, Harry Reid, said during the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, on Thursday, the agency reports referring to the prime minister's press service.

According to the press service, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan held the meeting with the delegation of the US Senate of the Congress. The parties discussed important questions of cooperation of Kazakhstan and the USA in various branches of economy and exchanged opinions on the developed world economic situation, the forthcoming presidency of Kazakhstan in OSCE and reforms being carried out by the country.

According to the press service, Senators represent committees on international affairs, budget, development of small business, finance, banking activity, housing issues, public health services, education, provisions of pensions, work, preservation of environment, energy and mineral resources, and economy.

During the meeting Reid expressed positive opinion on economic development of Kazakhstan and reforms carried out by the country. "Kazakhstan has been able to use its resources to reach serious economic successes. Summarizing the aforesaid, I can tell that Kazakhstan will be a force for stability in the Central Asian region," Reid emphasized.

Discussing prospective changes in the tax laws, K. Masimov informed that "tax load on the companies engaged in non-raw sectors of economy will be lowered and corporate surtax will be lowered from 30 up to 15 - 20 %."

Noting increase of taxation rate for the companies engaged in raw sectors of economy K. Masimov emphasized that Kazakhstan has remained a supporter of stability in regards to the concluded contracts. The Prime Minister also noted assistance of the American party in development of measures on elimination of uncommercial (administrative) barriers.

During the meeting K. Masimov assured that Kazakhstan has solved the problem of domestic food provision.

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