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Youth should be ready to work, says Nursultan Nazarbayev

28.11.2018, 20:27 2998
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev assured that there should not be any unemployment in Kazakhstan a priori.

I always say that there should not be any unemployed people in Kazakhstan, because we have job vacancies everywhere. The problem is that he/she does not have [that] profession. Those who have professions will face no job-related problems. In Astana, we do not have enough masons, welders. Therefore, I put forth the idea, and the Government is implementing it, - providing a young person with the first profession for free. To teach a profession after he/she has graduated from a high school, or, as was formerly the case, at the last grades of school," said the Head of State at the VIII Civil Forum underway in Astana.

The President underlined the importance of dual education at the present day.

We did as follows. Definitely, a part of them enter universities and colleges, a part of the youth are drafted into the Army, some are still busy with something. However, there is also another part - who have not gone anywhere ... How are they employed? We tell them: go and get a profession at vocational schools for free, at the expense of the Government. What else can we suggest, right? Therefore, if NGOs are locally engaged in, if the remaining youth is divided into 17 regions, 170 districts and 70,000 villages, and say: go, get dual education, the plecant will employ you and give you a profession, and then keep on working, enter college or a university, you will immediately be capable of providing for yourself," the Head of State pointed out.

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