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70% of software programmes are unlicensed in Kazakhstan

31.10.2018 6002
As of today, the share of unlicensed software in Kazakhstan is 70%, and the piracy level within the country remains high. Karlygash Yesembayeva, the director of the Intellectual Property Rights Department of the Justice Ministry of Kazakhstan, said at the seminar themed 'Combatting counterfeit products. The Methodology of Damage Assessment.'

Software is a big problem. It is the product that is difficult to detect as counterfeit. While state purchases, software is obtained, and it is hard to define whether they are unlicensed products. Kazakhstan faces such a problem, with 70% of unlicensed products," said Karlygash Yesembayeva.

According to her, the problem is common around the world. And it is possible that the Ministry will take measures to improve legislation in the future.

If we do not deal with the problem, then it will negatively affect the country's economic state. In this case, the Ministry of Justice's efforts are focused to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights and right holders. We work on this direction," said Yesembayeva.

Also, the speaker explained that this issue was addressed in the Kazakh Internal Affairs Ministry and in the State Revenues Committee. Local justice bodies also carry out checks, but upon complainants from citizens.

For instance, if the citizen visits a shop and finds a counterfeit product, then the right holder can press charges in the Justice Department, after which checks will be carried out. Once the fact is confirmed, then an administrative offence will be compiled, and the case will be brought before a court," said Karlygash Yesembayeva.

Source: BNews.kz

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