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Comics and crime fiction became more actual: Russian writer

10.09.2018, 19:13 2660
Russian writer Vladimir Kartsev who attended the festival believes the book in the classical form will not die, as long as it has a traditional reader. However, some genres fall into the background.

First international forum of writers gathered more than 70 big names of different genres from 17 countries of the world is held in Almaty. The main themes of the meeting were "Challenges of the XXI century and literature" and "Globalization of national literature".

What is globalization? The whole world turned out into the huge village as predicted by the Canadian philosopher McLuhan in 1964. And how not to get lost in this big village, so that our national culture remains and developed and was not absorbed by this globalization? ... Current requirements for the thematic differ from the previous ones. To date, high criminology is like King, or pseudo-historical research like "The Name of the Rose," "Leonardo da Vinci," or a sharply modern genre- Bob Woodward's new book about US President which will be released in the near future is popular. They eclipse ordinary harlequin novels, stories.

Herewith the writer supposes downplaying depends on growing popularity of comics and short novels which is the way of the future. However, the traditional reader will never disappear.

The modern audience wants to understand everything in a short time without reading novels. People spend much more time looking at the screen than in the book. But on the other hand, there is a traditional audience that cannot imagine anything except a thick volume with a cover, a font with tactile sensations. The book will not die while there is a reader...," Kartsev said.

The Forum ‘Role of modern literature in a changing world’ organized by well-known writer, journalist Bigeldy Gabdullin goals consideration of all current problem issues of the modern literature. Speaking about world-changing we touch globalization. They say literature’s impact on globalization and vice versa. Globalization pushed unknown dynamics to a modern world," Gabdullin stated.

Famous writers such as nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature of 2019 Atanas Vanka, famous poets and writers Taryk Gunersel, Mikhail Delyagin, Vladimir Kartsev, Janusz Wisniewski and others were among the honored guests of the event.

Besides, Soviet and Kazakhstan’s writer, author of the trilogy The Blood and Sweat Abdizhamil Nurpeissov attended the forum as well. Kartsev likens Nurpeissov unto LevTolstoy herewith he still remains a step-by-step writer. Abdizhamil Nurpeisov believes that readers of traditional books are getting smaller.

There are almost no readers of such books, with the help of the Internet it became easier to distribute a murderous slogan: "Live One Day", "Take Everything from Life." All resources of mankind are directed to the development of intelligent machines and education itself programs a man like a robot. In our world, the lessons of literature worth paying more than ever increased attention. It is high time to recognize that only the criteria of morality and spirituality can serve as a confirmation of the usefulness of the intellect, " Abdizhamil Nurpeisov told.

Source: BNews.kz

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