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Culture Ministry named Kazakhstan's 50 best tourist sites

06.08.2018 3226
The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan named top-50 tourist sites of Kazakhstan with all necessary infrastructure for tourists, INA Kazinform reports.

In order to develop tourism, to fulfil the instruction of the head of state, the government develops a national programme on tourism development in the REpublic of Kazakhstan. The aim of the programme is to build infrastructure taking into account recommendations of the regions by constructing top-10 and top-50 projects of Kazakhstan," says a report of the Ministry.

Following the report, the top-10 projects include coasts of Balkhash and Alakol lakes, the Charyn canyon, a mountain cluster of the Almaty region, the reviving of the ancient Turkestan, the Ashchisor tourist zone,the Shchuchinsk-Borovoe resort zone, the Imantau-Shalkar resport zone, the Bayanauyl resort zone, the Nomads' Hostory Centre.

As for the top-50 tourist zones and projects, then they are spread all over Kazakhstan.

In Astana:

1. Architectural and culural facilities of Astana (Baiterek, the Palace of Peace and Accord and so on);

2. The Nur Alem Museum;

3. The ALZHIR museum and memorial complex;

4. The medical cluster;

5. The educational cluster;

6. The museum of space;

7. The indoor water park;

8. The international tourism university.

In Akmola region:

9. The Shchuchinsk-Borovoe resort zone,

10. The Zerendy resort zone;

11. The youth tourism cluster (Katyrkol lake).

In Almaty:

12. The Medeo high-altitude sports complex;

13. The Shymbulak ski resort;

14. Big Almaty Lake;

15. The Kok-Tobe park;

16. Cultural facilities in Almaty (the park of 28 panfilov guardsmen, the state museum of arts named ater Kasteev, the central state museum of Kazakhstan);

17. The Kok Zhailau ski resort.

In Almaty region:

18. The Kapchagay reservoir;

19. Kolsay lakes;

20. The Altyn-Emel state national park;

21. The Ile-Alatau state national park;

22. The Khorgos International Centre for Cross-Border Cooperation;

23. the Happyland entertainment park;

24. The Big Almaty Channel;

25. The Chundzha spa resort cluster.

In Aktobe region:

26. The Karkaraly reservoir resort zone.

In Atyrau region:

27. The Medieval Saraishyk complex;

In East Kazakhstan region:

28. The Katon-Karagay state national park;

29. The ski cluster of Altai;

30. The Rakhmanovskiye klyuchi.

In Zhambyl region:

31. The Akyrtas palace complex;

32. The Aisha bibi visit centre;

33. The Karakhan Mausoleum.

In West Kazakhstan region:

34. The Bokey Orda historical and cultural museum complex;

35. The youth tourism cluster.

In Karaganda region:

36. The Karkaraly resort zone;

37. The Ulytau hostory and culture complex.

In Kostanay region:

38. The resort zone of the Altynsarin district;

39. The hunting tourism cluster.

In Kyzylorda region:

40. The resort zone of Kamystybas lake;

41. The mud resorts of Zhanakorgan;

42. The Baikonyr Cosmodrome.

In Mangystau region:

43. The beach zone of Aktau;

44. The Kenderli resort zone;

45. Historical and cultural tourism that includes monks of Beket-ata, Shopan-ata and so on.

In North Kazakhstan region:

46. The 'Star of Kazakhstan' shrine.

In South Kazakhstan region:

47. The Sairam-Ugam state national park;

48. The Saryagash resort zone;

49. Historical and cultural tourism that includes Mausoleums of Ahmed Yasawi, Arystanbab, Otyrar ancient city and others.

50. The Kaskasu ski resort.

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