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Each fourth Kazakhstan citizen is engaged in judicial processes

03.08.2018, 19:37 3175
Kazakhstan citizens have started to more often have access to the courts. Thus, over the last period, the number of lawsuits has increased by 40%. It was said by Administrator of the programme of the Supreme Court 'Tatulasu: sotka deiin, sotta' (To come to an agreement: before the court, at the court) Gulnar Boranbayeva.

Let's take attention, if in 2013 the total number of materials and cases was 2.7 million, then in 2017 the number reached 2.7 million with the increase by 2 times. Taking 2.7 million, and 2 sides in each case then that is more than 5 million citizens, with the population of 18 million people that is 1/3 of the population who are engaged in courts. We have observed this year's dynamics, the statistics demonstrate an increase in the number of cases compared with the past half of the year - 1.3 million, this year - 1.8 million, that is an increase by 40%," said Gulnar Boranbayeva at the dialogue site Mediation in the Republic of Kazakhstan: the state and prospects.

As Boranbayeva noted such disappointing indications were observed despite the existing Institute of Mediation in the country.

In 2011 the Law "On mediation" was adopted, in 2016 the Code of Civil Procedure introduced participatory procedures. That is, we have good instruments in order to deal with deputes without courts. But, following the statistics, from 2013 there is an increase in the number of access to the courts. That is, people still mostly access to the courts, instead of resolving conflicts extrajudicially," she added.

According to her, as of today each fourth Kazakhstan citizen is engaged in judicial processes.

As for our population, taking only those who have full legal capacity, those who are older than 18 years old and working age, then it turns out that each fourth citizen of the country is engaged in conflicts. These are huge numbers," said Boranbayeva.

As the expert noted Kazakhstan citizens mostly access to the courts to resolve agreed deputes - sales, supplies, borrowings and so on. Then, citizens of the country file statements of claim in order to resolve family deputes.

Let's pay attention to the procent of divorces. If the total number of family deputes is about 100 thousand, then 70 thousand are divorces. The figure says that these mechanism that could save families are not applied. All this influence on the social stability in the public," said Gulnar Boranbayeva.

Source: BNews.kz

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