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Experts eager to model air-ground surface in order to prevent Almaty smog emission

09.07.2018, 19:51 3101
In order to analyze Almaty smog emission, the experts of Ionosphere Institute under the National Centre of the Space researches intend to work out computer city model.

Chief of the physics of the atmosphere Ph.D. Alexey Andreyev told the experts are ready to submit a project on air-ground surface modeling. Such an approach will allow changing wind currents and thereby preventing the spread of smog in Almaty.

We have a lot of projects. Particularly our institute could develop the project on the city’s microclimate. Almaty citizens are interested a lot in smog pollution. Thus we can design atmosphere model, such a computer program which modeling air-ground surface taking into account a set of wind, power plants’ and transport emissions level of air pollution," Mr. Andreyev explained.

Thus, the city model is simulated and the forecast of the smog situation is made. This will help to know, for example, in which area it is better to begin construction. According to the scientist, some high-rise buildings in this or that region will be able to reorganize the wind currents and improve the microclimate situation in the metro police.

Herewith the financing of the ionosphere sector has reduced four times over the last three years. And in this regard, there is a staff issue in the ionosphere. By the way, the Institute of the Ionosphere implements a lot of projects among which are an influence of such geophysical factors as an earthquake on meteorological activity. In other words, the impact of the activity of the lower atmosphere on the upper one. The project is funded by the Republican budget program.

Source: BNews.kz

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