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Kazakhstan's crime level is lower than that in Western States, expert says

04.10.2018, 12:07 3385
About 12% of Kazakhstan citizens have become victims of crimes over the last year, meanwhile, this figure accounts for 15% in Western states. It was said by Professor of Victimology at Tilburg University Jan Van Dijk at a press conference in the Central Communications Service.

At the press conference, international and Kazakhstan's experts summarized the three-year project of the European Union 'Enhancing Criminal Justice in Kazakhstan' (EUCJ).

Within the project, 4 thousand Kazakhstan citizens were asked questions whether they have been suffered crimes over the last 12 months. According to the Professor, 12% of them gave positive answers.

It seems a huge figure, one can think of up to one out of ten. However, the thing is that we held such a survey in almost every Western state over the last several states. Therefore, we can compare the victimization percentage in Kazakhstan with that of other states, and I can say that 12% in Kazakhstan is lower than the average level - 15%, that is observed in Western states. That has also been recorded in the overall level, as well as in such offenses as burglary, violent persecution, as well as street robberies. And, Kazakhstan has the crime level for all these crimes lower than that of Western states," said Van Dijk.

He noted that the crime level in Kazakhstan can be compared to that in the Netherlands, Great Britain or Denmark.

I have reached a conclusion that Kazakhstan is comparatively safe country, the people who told that they had been victims of crimes over the last 12 months, also were asked whether they filed a police report. Here are the results, 20% out of 100% of those who suffered crimes have recently made decisions to file a police report. As a result, it was revealed that that number of crimes is by 5 times more than the police say in Kazakhstan. And it is a very difficult conclusion as the reporting and accountability of complaints is 20%. This figure is lower than the average level in Western states, as in most Western states almost 50% of offenses are brought to the attention to the police and it might be a more disappointing part of our survey," said the expert.

The Professor underlines that according to an analysis of surveys, the general crime level in Kazakhstan is within control as the country's welfare level rapidly increases. It was therefore likely that property offenses and burglaries will increase in the near future. Thus, the police will need to thoroughly control such crimes.

This is the current situation. The second difficulty is that the police should hone the way to file a police report, and the only way is to ensure the appropriate treating of victims who have done it and filed a police report. It can be certainly improved," said Jan Van Dijk.

Source: BNews.kz

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