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The Fight Against Covid-19 in China

14.09.2021, 15:54 17416
The Fight Against Covid-19 in China
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After China was struck by Covid-19, the CPC and the Chinese government responded swiftly, putting people's lives before all else. It organized massive nucleic acid testing and inoculation, made every effort to identify every case of infection and did everything possible to save patients and protect the people's health.
Treatment of Covid-19 patients is free of charge in China. All Covid-19 patients, both confirmed and suspected, have received government financial aid to pay for any medical bills not covered by basic medical insurance, serious disease insurance, or the medical assistance fund. As of June 2021, all medical expenditure of inpatients with confirmed infections had reached a total of RMB2.8 billion (with RMB1.6 billion paid by basic medical insurance), or RMB20,000 per person. The average cost of treating each Covid-19 patient in critical condition was more than RMB150,000. The individual cost for some patients in critical condition exceeded RMB1 million, all covered by the government.
Free nucleic acid testing and inoculation have been conducted nationwide. As of July 25, 2021, tests have been conducted on 2.2 billion nucleic acid samples, and more than 1.5 billion Covid-19 vaccines had been injected, with all costs covered by the government.

Source: Embassy of China in Kazakhstan
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