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Meat prices growing in Kazakhstan

04.08.2021, 15:23 18172
Meat prices growing in Kazakhstan
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Meat prices have been growing in Kazakhstan - since the beginning of the year the prices have climbed by 13%, the First Channel Eurasia reports.

All types of meat have risen in price in Kazakhstan. Since the beginning of the year - by an average of 13%," the report says.

According to livestock breeders, livestock breeding has become unprofitable.

Spare parts for transport and fuel have risen in price by almost 10%, the price of feed has increased by a quarter. This year the situation was aggravated by the shortage of hay and barley. For a farmer, every head is worth its weight in gold, but mediators come and impose their own game, in which the main rule is to bring down the price of goods, " said the report.

As farmer Akmyrza Zhanatayev said, intermediaries buy meat from livestock breeders at a low price - within T1.4 thousand - T1.7 thousand per 1 kg.

But they hand over to the market and sell at least T2.4 thousand (per 1 kg), sheep up to T4 thousand, and horse meat - up to T5 thousand," he said.

Farmers believe the prices may soar to T4 thousand per 1 kg of meat in the near future.

Source: KazTAG

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