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Mexico wants to know even more about Kazakhstan, Dora Isabel Gonzalez Ayala

12.09.2019 10207
Dora Isabel Gonzбlez Ayala, Academic of International Relations, Faculty of Graduate Studies of Acatlбn, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), shares her view on the State-of-the-Nation Address of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.
Kazakhstan is for Mexico a country where it finds fertile land to achieve multiple coincidences. Nowadays, it also means an allied country, it represents for us, the leading nation of Central Asia and, with regard to bilateral relations, with the recent opening and approaching of both, it becomes increasingly attractive and harmonious to the joint goals.
With the above, the speech of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, outlines the assertive character of a modern, ambitious and balanced country, where the jumps towards development, new regional alliances, including the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as the Belt and Road Initiative, and its new policies, open a great Kazakhstan to the world with goals for 2050 that, as the President emphasizes, must come hand in hand with the modernization of socio-political life, the appropriate structural conditions and without lose unity.
Among the many points that caused a deep interest, to mention the most concurrent to our realities, are the desire to improve the relationship of the government and its inhabitants from the citizen dialogue to meet their needs, improving the infrastructure in theirs basic services and developing growth opportunities in each; in this last point, the strategic support to small and medium-sized enterprises in their internal quality and in export, has a value for Mexico, where we seek the same objectives with ourselves, and our allies.
Reading about the deep concern for the care of nature and animals, the development of cultural and ethnic diversity, the protection of human rights, the improvement of governance systems, among other humanitarian points, makes us understand Kazakhstan as a country aware of global challenges, particularly The 2030 Agenda, close to our principles, and in favor of international cooperation.
Mexico wants to know even more about Kazakhstan. With the proposals made in the field of tourism, about flights and tourism infrastructure, will allow a closer approach. Regarding urbanization, we have seen closely the great metropolitan development, which, became known to the world at the Expo Astana 2017, where with Mexico there were reciprocities and good receptions that should bear fruit if the ecosystems are generated. After this event and the active diplomatic participation, it has left the landscape of an advanced country, of great wealth and projected to have great progress inside and outside.
Matters, such as the mining, energy, digital economy, education and exchange of experiences and economies sectors, according to the exposed priorities, allow us a bilateral "Road Map". The speech has allowed us to understand that we are very similar nations, with the same internal priorities, concern for self-determination, for our people and to strengthen the local and parliamentary government system, there will be much to cooperate with. Now we know that we speak the same language and with the same Unit.
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