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Summarizing CIIE in 9 keywords

13.11.2018, 21:06 2853
People's Daily summarized the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in nine keywords as the event concluded , recording the highlights, hot topics, characteristics, and focuses of the expo.

Big - CIIE in surprising size

The exhibition covered an area of 300,000 square meters, attracting over 3,600 exhibitors and 400,000 buyers from home and abroad. Apart from China, 81 countries from 5 continents, the World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and International Trade Centre were also invited to the Country Pavilion for Trade and Investment.

New - Debuting products shining at the CIIE

Over 5,000 products were debuted in the Chinese market, and more than 100 new products and technologies were released.

Complete - A full range of products exhibited at the CIIE

Products displayed at 7 exhibition areas covered various fields such as equipment manufacturing, automobiles, medical service, food, and consumer electronics. From daily necessities of the people, to all-in-one services in production, operation and distribution, over 10,000 products were exhibited, and almost everything you want ?to buy could be found there.

Quality - A collection of world's competitive products

The CIIE is a collection of the world's competitive products, such as high-antioxidant eucalyptus honey from Australia, smart internet vehicles that can perform body examination and offer related services, as well as smart cooking utensils. The CIIE gathered products that were nutritious, safe, and convenient, mapping out a better future for the world.

Cool - Cutting-edge technologies rocking the expo

High-technology products attracted much attention at the CIIE, including the anthropomorphic Schunk 5-Finger-Hand on Robotic Arm which could shake hands and imitate human hand moves, as well as the Qualcomm chip equipped with artificial intelligence.

A batch of advanced consumer electronics products were also displayed at the event, such as smart home appliances, virtual reality and augmented reality products featuring natural semantics and facial recognition. These products broadened visitors' horizon at the CIIE.

Green - Emerging green development

From construction to arrangement, and from products to services, the CIIE always took the green concept into consideration. China International Import Expo Bureau issued the Criteria for Green China International Import Expo including 14 specific standards on design, material selection, and safe construction.

Every product that was organic, energy-saving and environment-friendly received high recognition from the buyers, such as wild honey, hearing protectors and hydrogen cell vehicles.

Integration - Non-stop steps for business matchmaking

The CIIE brought Chinese market closer to the global market. Argo-products from southern Africa, high-end equipment from central Europe, as well as the financial services from the east coast of America, the trade of services and technology cooperation altered the pattern which was dominated by the trade of commodities. Behind the rich content of trade is the strong momentum for enhancing integration.

Popularity - Exhibitors eager to book booths of the 2019 CIIE

A major matchmaking meeting was held at the CIIE from Nov.6 to 8. 1,178 exhibitors and 2,462 buyers from 82 countries and regions conducted rounds of "one-on-one" negotiation, reaching 601 agreements on intention for field trips, as well as 657 contracts and letters of intention for deals.

Since the registration for the business exhibition of the second CIIE started on July 1, a great deal of enterprises from multiple countries and regions signed to participate.

Detailed - Meticulous services and supports

In order to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the CIIE avoided the using of contaminant materials or construction techniques since the designing phase. On the facilitation of customs formalities and trade liberalization, the Shanghai Customs specifically developed a big data platform of cross-border trade management, and established hundreds of special counters for the CIIE at its service halls, to improve custom clearance efficiency as much as possible.

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