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Coronavirus latest: Almaty city begins citizens’ COVID-19 vaccination

02.04.2021 22168
Coronavirus latest: Almaty city begins citizens’ COVID-19 vaccination
Almaty city begins citizens’ COVID-19 vaccination.
The fourth stage of COVID-19 vaccination has kicked off in Nauryzbai district, Almaty city.
All willing citizens of Almaty could get inoculated against COVID-19 on condition of being attached to any city clinic.
The vaccination is carried out on a voluntary basis, with persons undergoing a medical checkup before inoculation. The person after getting the vaccine is placed in a special room for 30 minutes.
According to Gulzhainat Tilegen, Chief Doctor of the City Clinic No.36, over 250 have so far received the vaccine in Nauryzbai district, with all reporting to feel good and no complications. In her words, the vaccines are administered at the clinic on a daily basis.
Among vaccinated was Raikhan Yelamanova, Chairwoman of the Commission on Veterans’ Health of the Council of Veterans of Nauryzbai district of Almaty.
Notably, the first stage of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign covered health employees of infectious diseases hospitals, ambulances, intensive unit care, emergency rooms, and sanitary and epidemiological services. As the second stage the vaccine was given to teachers of schools, universities as well as workers of health services not covered by the first stage.
The third COVID-19 vaccination stage targeted teachers of boarding schools, children’s pre-school establishments, students, and persons with chronic diseases, and workers of medical and social facilities.
In total, 1,110 dwellers of Nauryzbai district were given the COVID-19 vaccine under the three stages of the vaccination.
At today’s online press conference on epidemiological situation in Almaty, the Mayor said when the mass vaccination campaign starts in the city.
It is planned to open 250 vaccination rooms in April, including at large trading centres. The healthcare department will provide them with necessary equipment and health workers. The city business community will help with vaccine transportation and its storage as well provide vaccination space for free.
The mass vaccination is expected to reduce the growth of coronavirus cases to curb sharply virus circulation. 21,850 doses of the coronavirus vaccine arrived in the city. 250,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine will be monthly delivered to the city in April, May and June.
He stressed that vaccination will let return to normal and gradually ease quarantine restrictions. Vaccine is the most reliable and efficient measure to prevent disease.
COVID-19 vaccine to become available to everyone in Aktau next week
Over 9,000 COVID-19 vaccines are set to be delivered to Mangistau region. It will become available for all those willing to get their shots next week, Kazinform has learnt from lada.kz.
The healthcare department of Mangistau region said in a statement 9,600 doses of COVID-19 vaccine are to be delivered to the region today.
During the previous stages of the nationwide vaccination campaign Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine was administered to healthcare workers, teachers and employees of law-enforcement agencies. Next week the vaccine will become available for all those who willing to be vaccinated.
As of today, 2,790 people have been inoculated with the vaccine against the coronavirus infection in the region.
The nationwide vaccination campaign has kicked off in Kazakhstan on February 1, 2021.
Daily coronavirus cases exceed 2,077, total at 248,931
Over the last 24 hours Kazakhstan confirmed 2,077 new COVID-19 cases, coronavirus2020.kz reads.
427 new cases were detected in Nur-Sultan, 595 in Almaty, 96 in Shymkent, 50 in Akmola region, 127 in Aktobe region, 239 in Almaty region, 103 in Atyrau region, 41 in East Kazakhstan, 18 in Zhambyl region, 104 in West Kazakhstan, 144 in Karaganda region, 36 in Kostanay region, 27 in Kyzylorda region, 22 in Mangistau region, 21 in Pavlodar region, 5 in North Kazakhstan, 22 in Turkestan region bringing the country’s tally to 248,931.
COVID-19-like pneumonia: 77 new cases, 2 victims
77 new COVID-19-like pneumonia cases were recorded in Kazakhstan as of March 31. 2 people died, while 167 recovered.
Since August 1 Kazakhstan reported 50,695 COVID-19-like pneumonia cases, 694 deaths, 48,418 recoveries.
2 cities and 4 regions of Kazakhstan still in COVID-19 ‘red zone’
Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities as well as Almaty, Atyrau, Aktobe and West Kazakhstan regions remain in the ‘red zone’ in terms of spread of coronavirus in Kazakhstan as of April 2, 2021, the Telegram Channel of the Interdepartmental Commission for preventing coronavirus spread reads.
Shymkent city, Akmola and Karaganda region are in the ‘yellow zone’, while the rest are in the ‘green’.
As earlier reported, over the last 24 hours Kazakhstan confirmed 2,077 new COVID-19 cases.
10 air passengers had no COVID-19 PCR test upon arriving in Kazakhstan
37 international flights from the UAE, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan landed in Kazakhstan on April 1, 2021, the Telegram channel of the Interdepartmental Commission on prevention of the spread of COVID-19 reported.
According to the Sanitary Epidemiological Control Committee, out of 4,685 passengers arrived in Kazakhstan by air on April 1, 2021, 4,675 had PCR tests with a negative result and 10 did not pass a test for COVID-19.
17 flights with 2,324 passengers onboard landed at the airport in Almaty city – 2,314 passengers with PCR tests and 10 without PCR tests.
10 flights carrying 1,293 passengers landed at the airport in Nur-Sultan city – all with PCR tests.
Nine flights with 1,009 passengers onboard landed at the airport in Shymkent city – all with PCR tests.
One flight with 59 passengers onboard landed at the airport in Aktau city – all with PCR tests.
Those arrived without the COVID-19 PCR test have been tested and placed in the quarantine facilities.
The tests of 29 Kazakhstanis arrived in the country on March 31, 2021, came back negative. An Uzbek national arrived on Tashkent-Almaty flight without a COVID-19 PCR test was deported at the airport of Almaty city on April 1, 2021.
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