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Kazakh girl, who left for US, became a heroine of Egyptian author's new novel

11.09.2018 3731
Egyptian writer Magdi Halim presented to Kazakhstan's National Academic Library ten copies of his new book within the 3rd International Congress of Reading being held in Astana.

According to the writer, the book named 'Mongol Girl' tells about the life of the Kazakh girl who left for America to study.

I am glad to present my gift to the Kazakh people - my novel. It is about the Kazakh girl who left for America to finish her study there, however, when she arrived in the United States she had problems. As an example, when she got acquainted with her peers, they thought she was from Mongols who lived behind the civilized world," said Magdi Halim.

According to the author, the head character of the novel is fictitious, and her story as well. However, according to the Egyptian writer, the character is worth to become a people's character of the Kazakh people.

The Kazakh and Egyptian people are closely connected. In particular, we have the same legends, and this character can become a people's hero of Kazakhstan. America has supermen, spidermen, and Kazakhstan will have this girl," he said.

It is noteworthy that the author of the novel about the Kazakh girl has never been to Kazakhstan. However, according to the write, he is well familiarized with the life and culture of the Kazakh people.

I am more familiar with Kazakhstan than the Kazakh people. I have read a lot about Kazakhstan and I am in love with the Kazakh steppes, although I have never been here. I hope that the novel will be translated in the future, and the Kazakh people will familiarize with it. This novel can be covered in a film or animation," he said.

The novel 'Mongol Girl' was printed in August 2018 in Egypt, in 1000 copies. The book is only available in Arabic.

In addition, according to the Egyptian writer, at the present time, he works on a book about the Gulag. As Magdi Halim notes, he will present the story on the camp in a new way.

The 3rd International Congress of Reading 'Reading culture in the modern world' being held in Astana has turned into a discussion platform for the world experience in promoting reading, increasing reading and cultural competence, as well as improving libraries as a social and cultural institute.

Source: BNews.kz

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