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OSCE hopes Kazakhstan to adopt Law on Freedom of Information

10.04.2008, 14:14 2619

Astana. April 10. Kazakhstan Today - The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) hopes that Kazakhstan will pass the Law on Information Freedom, the Chairman of the Department for Human Measurement of the OSCE Center in Almaty Eugenia Benigni informed today during the round table - Does Kazakhstan Need the Law on Access of the Citizens of Kazakhstan to Information?

"The majority of OSCE member countries have adopted the laws on access to information or freedom of information, the main principle of which is guarantee of transparency of the work of the government and access of population to official information - not only to laws, but also to legal acts and to other official documents. These laws are called to limit confidential information," E. Benigni said, having specified that 45 countries - out of 56 OSCE member countries have either already passed such law, or have started to develop it.

"We hope that Kazakhstan will make such a step, by passing this law and by considering the recommendations made by OSCE in this sphere," she added.

"This law should necessitate the state bodies to respond to all information inquiries promptly and to the urgent information inquiries concerning inevitable threat to health or safety of citizens, the responses should be received immediately. The process of information inquiry should be simple and free-of-charge, or inexpensive," E. Benigni quoted the text of the recommendations.

According to the recommendations of OSCE the law should provide development of the adequate mechanism of appeal of the citizens in each case of refusal of disclosure of information." "The sanctions should be introduced in cases when an official employee or a state body deliberately conceal the information, thus, breaking the law," the text of the recommendations states.

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