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Up to 17 thousand people left Kazakhstan over six months - National Economy Ministry

16.08.2018, 20:44 3264
They in the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan told about the demographic situation of Kazakhstan for January-June 2018.

Following the Committee, the population as of July 1 2018 has reached 18 272,4 thousand people, including the urban population - 10529,1 thousand people (57.6%) and the rural population - 7743,3 thousand people (42.4%). Compared to July 1 2017, the population has increased by 238.1 thousand people or 1.3%.

As a result of the data processing, presented by the migration service agencies, the number of registered migrants who arrived in the country for January-June 2018 compared to the same period of 2017 has decreased by 26.5% and equaled to 6 368 people, the number of the migrants who left the country has increased by 14% and equaled to 17 171 people, the migratory balance - 10803 people," says the report.

The main migration exchange of fthe country occurs with the CIS states, So, the share of those arrived from the CIS states equals 77.2%, and the share of those left the country for the CIS states - 89.7%.

The share of inter-regional migrants has reached 44.9% of the total share of internal migrants of the country.

The possitive balance of the inter-regional migration is observed in the region and is:

- in Astana - 5 748 people;

- in Almaty - 17 715 people;

- in Shymkent - 43 222 people.

We note that the number of births for January-June 2018 is 192.7 thousand people, that is by 1.8% more that for the same period of 2017. The crude birth rate is 21.26 those born per 1000 people.

Natural population growth of the republic for the same period compared to January-June 2017 increased by 3.3 thousand people or 2.7% and is 125.9 thousand people. Natural population growth per 1000 people is 13.89 people. In the same period, the number of deaths is 66.8 thousand people, that is by 0.1 more that for January-June of 2017. Crude death rate is 7.37 deaths per 1000 people," they say in the Statistics Committee.

In January-June of 2018, 1 626 deceased infants under one year of age were registered. Compared to the same period of 2017, the number of deaths of infants under one year of age increased by 1.3%.

The main reasons of infant mortality are the situations that occur in the perinatal period from which in January-June 2018 782 infants or 48.1% of the total deaths of infants died. The number of died infants from congenital anomalies is 328 or 20.2%, from respiratory diseases - 124 or 7.6%, from infectious and parasitic diseases - 86 infants or 5.3% and as a result of accidents, poisoning, injures - 73 or 4.5%. For January-June of 2018, the infant mortality rate has reached 8.44 cases per 1000 children born," says the report.

Source: BNews.kz

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