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Cost for kindergartens' services increased in Kazakhstan - survey

06.09.2018 3139
Services of kindergartens and development-training centres for pre-schoolers have increased by 5% over the year, energyprom.kz reports.

The volume of services provided in the pre-school upbrining and education sphere has increased by 16% over the year.

By August, each visit to children's pre-school institutions costed parents on average 823 tenegs - by 5.1% more than a year ago.

The most epensive services of kindergartens and development-training centres for children among the key cities of Kazakhstan have been found in the three large cities: Astana (1862 tenegs per visit, +7.6% over a year), Almaty (1666 tenges, +3.1%), ans Shymkent (1023 tenges, almost +19.2% over a year, which is the highest indication of annual price increase).

In general, services in the pre-school upbringing and education sphere for the 2nd quarter of 2018 made up 84 billion tenges - by 16.2% more that a year ago.

Of which 78.7% of the services was provided at the expense of budgetary funds, 21.1% - at the expense of the country's population, and 0.2% - at the expense of private enterprises.

As was expected, the biggest volume of the services accounted for the densely populated southern regions - Turkestan (12.6%), Zhambyl (11.6%) and Almaty (6.5%) regions, as well as for the three main cities of Kazakhstan - Almaty (9.9%), Astana (7.3%) and Shymkent (6.4%).

Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev talked about the readiness of educational institutions of the republic for a new academic year.

More than 10 thousand children's kindergartens operate. In 72 kindergartens, major repairs were completed in summer, and in 27 works were planned to complete by the beginning of the academic season. Also, ongoing repairs at the expense of the local budget were held in one and a half thousand pre-school educational institutions.

The last year, Kazakhstan had 9.8 thousand pre-school organizations with 862.3 thousand children.

Source: BNews.kz

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