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In Kazakhstan prices for livestock products have increased, these for vegetables decreased

02.10.2018 3750
This fall brought the increase in prices for livestock products. Eggs have gone up by 7% over the month, chicken legs - by 4%, horse meat - by 2%, as well as the increase of citrus fruits in price has also been observed, energyprom.kz informed.

At the same time, prices for the main vegetables decrease. Prices for carrots have decreased by 21% over the months, beetroot - by 13%, onion - by 11%, potato - 9%, garlic - 7.7% and cabbage - 6.8%.

Following the September, the considerable increase in prices for livestock products has been seen. So in August eggs have increased by 7.1% in price, by 4% - chicken legs, by 1.6% - chickens.

Among 'red' meat, horse meat has had the considerable increase - by 1.7% for September.

Out of the dairy products, prices for raw and pasteurized milk, butter, cottage cheese, and cheese have increased by more than 1%.

As for fruits, prices for citrus lemons (by 7.1% over the month) and oranges (+ 4.3%) have considerably increased, as well as the price for bananas - by 2.6% for September.

As for vegetables, prices for fresh cucumbers have started to increase by 3.1% over the months after the reduction in the summer. Prices for tomatoes have not changed (a 0.7% increase).

Sugar has increased in price by 3.6% over the month, as well as prices for mayonnaise (by 2.1%) and sunflower oil (by 1.9%).

Prices for both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks also increase (vodka - by 1.4% over the month, and bottled drinking water - by 1.4%).

As for cereal, prices for millet have increased much more - by +2.3%. Prices for semolina and rice have increased by 1.4%, buckwheat grouts continue to go down in price - minus 1.3% over the month.

As for flour, bread and pasta products, a considerable increase in prices has not been observed (more than by 1%).

Source: BNews.kz

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