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"Industrial Construction" Forum to Boost the Development of the Construction Sector

The Second International Forum on "Industrial Construction" (Full Precast Concrete Building) has commenced in Almaty. Experts and prominent practitioners from Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, and other countries have convened for extensive discussions in this significant dialogue platform. More than 100 domestic and international experts participate in the forum. The two-day event encompasses plenary and panel discussions that tackle the most pressing development issues in the construction sector, including conferences, presentations, and thematic reports. The speakers at different forum venues are set to deliberate on interconnected industry challenges, press service of the Ministry of Industry and Construction reports.

A highlight of the forum was a presentation delivered by Begman Kulbayev, CEO of KazRICA. Kulbayev addressed the main challenges and pressing problems within Kazakhstan's construction industry. He underscored the importance of industrial construction in enhancing productivity, quality, and safety of construction processes. Furthermore, industrial construction emphasizes the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of projects.

Approximately 43% of Kazakhstan's territory is considered seismic hazard areas. For over a year and a half, ongoing work has been dedicated to developing the Construction Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The draft code features a special chapter dedicated to design and construction in areas of increased seismic risk. We have tried to incorporate the experiences of Europe and other countries with a high risk of seismic activity," Kulbayev remarked.

An essential part of the business program focused on seismic risk assessment, involving the determination of an earthquake's likelihood of a certain magnitude occurring in a specific area. The forum also covered seismic zoning of active seismic territories and the passportization of all existing construction objects. Seismic zoning plays a crucial role in development planning, considering the regional features of the terrain. Specifically, the development of general seismic zoning maps is pivotal for assessing the seismic danger in regions.

Additionally, the forum will discuss current issues regarding the adoption of advanced systems in contemporary construction stages. Participants will exchange views on topics such as: The MOTUS construction system transforming the urban landscape of Central Asia, financial subsidies according to energy-efficient building standards, market development, and the prospects for implementing pilot projects in Central Asia, along with Peikko Group's innovative solutions in industrial construction for precast concrete.

Forum attendees have praised the high-quality thematic content of the business program and the event's high level of organization. It's noteworthy that the expanded program has allowed all participants to become acquainted with new technologies, even those applied in seismic hazard regions. This exchange between practitioners, experts, financial organization representatives, and scientists generates a new impulse for the development of the entire sector.

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