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Kazakhstan launches an inaugural PPP project tender on a new e-platform developed with support from the EDB

Kazakhstan launches an inaugural PPP project tender on a new e-platform developed with support from the EDB
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In 2022, the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Centre embarked on the development of an e-platform designed to ensure transparency in the planning and implementation of PPP projects.

By introducing the principles of transparency and information accessibility to the PPP law, a methodological foundation was established for the new initiative. Three modules for facilitating bidding procedures and making PPP agreements were developed in collaboration with the E-Finance Centre.

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) helped to digitalise this process by extending a grant from its Technical Assistance Fund that supported platform creation.

The system is highly functional and provides one-stop-shop access to all tender procedures and information on PPP projects. It is planned to be integrated with other Kazakhstan’s information systems.

We are committed to developing public-private partnership instruments across the EDB member countries, as they facilitate the implementation of infrastructure projects in pivotal domains such as transportation, education, and municipal infrastructure, which help to improve living standards, expand logistics, and propel other sectors of the economy. The novel e-service in Kazakhstan is both an innovative solution and an important step towards heightening transparency and accessibility of project information. We are confident that this solution will play a key role in stimulating investment and creating strategically significant infrastructure projects in the region," said Iaroslav Mandron, Vice Chairman of the EDB Management Board.

The PPP tender portal promotes competition because a transparent framework for selecting private partners will ensure investor interest in PPP projects," added Nurtas Kairov, Deputy Chairman of the Board at the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Centre.

The platform’s functional parallels with electronic public procurement. This will facilitate the transition of local and central executive bodies from paper-based processes to digital workflows. Given the specifics of PPPs, the portal will foster enhanced discipline in PPP tender procedures," highlighted Marat Atalin, Director of the Kazakhstan Public-Private Partnership Centre’s Department of Information and Digital Support.

Kazakhstan’s new e-platform (ppp.ecc.kz) has launched its inaugural tender to identify a private partner for a PPP project. In the present phase, notifications are being sent to potential private partners, inviting them to submit their proposals for project implementation.

Additional Information:

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is an international financial institution promoting integration and development in its member countries. For more than 17 years, the Bank has worked to strengthen and expand economic ties and foster comprehensive development in its member countries. The EDB's charter capital totals US $7 billion. Its portfolio consists principally of projects with an integration effect in transport infrastructure, digital systems, green energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. The Bank’s operations are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ESG principles.

The EDB Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) are used to finance initiatives aimed at creating favorable conditions for the implementation of investment and development projects in the Bank’s member countries. The Fund operates to enhance the Bank’s ability to finance investment projects that are in line with its mission. It supports potential borrowers at the project planning stage as well as national governments and organisations whose projects promote the institutional environment, economic development and growth.


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