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Almaty to have up to 60 art-objects of Kazakhstani and foreign painters

05.09.2018 3972
Almaty holds the first international festival of sculptures and small architectural shapes PARK FEST. It is held under the support of the Mayor's Office of Almaty as part of the celebration of Day of the City. The festival aims at developing the cultural environment of the city.

Almaty changes for best with each year. The leadership of the city pays huge attention to cultural events - various festivals, symposiums, creative meetings and surveys are held. PARK FEST was initiated by the Mayor's Office of Almaty, which is the first international festival of sculptures and small architectural shapes during which the art-objects will improve the city, as well as the residents' emotions and will facilitate to establish a cultural code. Total 500 applications from Kazakhstani and foreign painters and architects were received for contest selection of the festival. The members of the expert commission, while selecting participants of the festival, used the creative value of the object, whether it fits in the architectural ensemble of the city, interconnection with the world creative context and involvement in it, promotion of national traditions and historic aspect of Almaty," said head of the Administrative Unit at state-owned enterprise 'Department of Culture and Archieves of Almaty' Ainur Valiyeva.

The works of the painters whose applications were selected by the expert commission were presented in the festival. The commission included Director of the Public Art Department of New York Kendal Henry, Director of the Vienna fair of modern art Christina Steibrecher, permanent curator at the Krasnoyarsk museum biennial Sergey Kovalevskyi and PhD holder, social anthropologist, professor, UNESCO expert in intangible cultural heritage Evfrat Imambek.

By the end of September, more than 60 art-objects will be installed (at the present time, their locations are being agreed upon), performed in various styles and divided into three categories: foreign painters, art-objects in traditional national style, modern art-objects of Kazakh painters. One can say that we create an outdoor museum.In August, the international symposium 'Art in public space' in which world experts talked about the meaning of art in cities was held. Also, on September 9, we are to hold the first Cultural Picnic 'Salem, Sosedi!' (Hello, neighbors!), city's events in which an emphasis is placed on cultural and active leisure activities of the residents. I am sure that many people will open PARK FEST in modern art," said Olga Sultanova, organizer of PARK FEST.

Specially for deep study of the issue of interaction of objects, the Public Art and the City's Space together with European programs Artecitya held the first International Symposium 'Art with/out the City?' with the participation of world experts, representatives of the city's authority and cultural communities of Almaty. During two days, painters and architects from Czech, Poland, Greece, France, Slovenia, Germany, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan exchanged their views.

Within PARK FEST, it is planned to hold a wide program. On September, Park Drushby (Park of Friendship, opposite to Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, on Khamit Yergaliyev embarkment) will hold the cultural picnic 'Salem, Sosedi!' (Hello, neighbors!).

It will provide the residents the opportunity to feel harmony with each other and with their city as the space for dialogue with various cultures and needs. The emphasis of the event will be placed on holding the cultural, educational and interesting leisure time. The picnic starts its work at 11.00 a.m. and lasts until 07.00 p.m.

Interactive art-objects will be installed in the park, spaces for active pleasure time will be created, as well as for table games, artistic master classes for the entire family. Guests will be exposed with good music and a big food court. During the City's Picnic, a sculptors open air events in which sculptures from Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan will take part.

On September 14, a photo exhibition Almaty and Almaty citizens will be opened that will be created following the participatory survey of the city's environment.

In the Public Art Project of the Festival, painters from the USA, Kazakhstan, Italy and Russia will take place. The Centre of young painters of Almaty will present a special project of art-objects for parks and pedestrian zones of the city.

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