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Black Friday is offered to be renamed in Kazakhstan

25.11.2021, 17:12 158080
Black Friday is offered to be renamed in Kazakhstan
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The Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan Nauryzbay kazhy Taganuly suggested replacing the words 'black Friday' with 'generous Friday'.

Among the population of the country, an action called 'Black Friday' (kara zhuma) is widely discussed, which in recent years has been used as a marketing way to attract people to mass trade. The word "zhuma" (Friday) in our religion and traditions has a sacred, revered concept. Therefore, I would like to urge the owners of shopping centers in the country and all entrepreneurs to replace the word 'black Friday' with 'generous Friday' (Zhomart zhuma)", Kazpravda.kz citing the Supreme Mufti addressed the businessmen.

In his opinion, the phrase 'generous Friday' corresponds to the understanding and mentality of our people, since Friday is a sacred day for the Muslim community.

Renaming 'Black Friday' to 'Generous Friday' would be a tribute to our people, in which the majority adheres to Islamic traditions," the Mufti said in his address.

He expressed his opinion and hope that the action within the framework of 'Generous Friday' will receive a good response and support among compatriots.
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